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How To Check If Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

How To Check If Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

Kamal Kapoor 727 25-Mar-2020

Virtual Assistants are need of an hour. It is always fascinating to work with a virtual assistant. As a businessman or woman, you cannot continue to manage everything by yourself. You need professionals who can assist you in several projects. But a full-time employee will add regular responsibilities and expenses on your shoulders. On the contrary, a Virtual Assistant turns up with a lot of benefits.

Sometimes it’s often hard to find the best full-time employee in your business domain. Your last report is to make use of what is available, while a virtual assistant provides you with world-class talent in almost every functional area from social media marketing to project management. You can beef up your focus on the growth incentives of the business by delegating your workload to a prospective virtual assistant. But why will you trust another person who is remotely working? Why will you spend money and time on such a person? 

But, honestly, trusting is the most important step to take after hiring a virtual assistant. You should not hire a VA if you can’t trust them, but don’t trust them blindly. Nevertheless, there is always some risk of swindlers. Create a protective barrier by checking if your virtual assistant is really working. By following the below-mentioned points you can easily track whether your virtual assistant is really working or not:

1.    Ask to a send daily status report.

This is the first thing to check on is to ask your virtual assistant for a daily status report with the working hours he took. Analyze the report and find out does it reaches to your expectation level. This will help you to keep track of the daily work status of your virtual assistant.

2.    Set working hours and goals.

Clearly define your working expectations to your VA and at what time you need the work done. Time is a vital component while working with VAs. There are two types of people as far as time and work are concerned. One who says “I don’t care what hours you work, as long as the project work is done.” Juxtaposing the other who says, “you have to complete this task in 8 hours, anyhow.” Whatever approach your hand on, just provide them with adequate time and explain vividly your expectation for the task.

For example, preparing an excel sheet requires a minimum of 5 hours. So, provide them with maximum hours to complete the task. And ask for time to time updates.

3.    Set a communication medium.

Email is a formal way to contact your VA. It is possible that your VA might not respond to the email soon. Get in touch with your VA via different social media like Facebook. Communicate them via Skype or channels to discuss the project work whenever you get spare time. This will help to build a high degree of engagement and trust. You can ask random work questions regarding their work and discuss future projects. Ask them for suggestions and bits of advice; it will help you in understanding your VA better.

4.    Periodically change the admin password.

This is an important trick to keep a sight on VA if he is really working on the tasks. Periodically change the password of the admin ID, if he/she asks for the password right away. It means he is seriously working on the project. But in case, he is asking this after one day or so. That means he is ditching and digging money out of you or chilling out with something else.

Conclusion: Hiring a virtual assistant is always a good decision. The best part is they come up with all-round services to accomplish your goals. Though there can be a time where you feel hiring a virtual assistant as the wrong move. It might happen because you forget to take the necessary steps to keep a check on the working of your VA. Simply go through the above article to know if your virtual assistant is really working.

Updated 28-Mar-2020
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