5 Websites That Pay You for Editing Videos

5 Websites That Pay You for Editing Videos

Be it marketing, branding, social awareness or sales, videos are slowly replacing the older methods of word of mouth or text-based advertising. Marketers across the board have realized the need for videos in their campaign strategy. Besides the flooding of OTT platforms in the last couple of years has opened a whole new world of opportunities for video editors and content creators. If you are a video editor or content creator who is looking for extra earning or a full-time job in this profile, here is a list of 5 websites that pay you for editing videos:


For freelance video editors, animators and videographers, ViEdit is an incredible platform. It is quite a flexible one with various options of creating videos; for the branding of businesses, social media clips, vlog videos, traveling documentaries and much more. Getting any assignment on ViEdit is similar to online bidding, where a client posts his project requirements and after viewing it, freelancers send their proposals. The proposal document, generally, comprises things like pricing, deadlines, USP of a freelancer and a rough framework of how the whole project will be implemented.

Once the client approves the project proposal, they have to pay the agreed amount to ViEdit. And, the project is completed and accepted, the freelancer receives the money. VidEdit supports multiple payment options including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and more. ViEdit has outreach in more than 100 different countries and charges a fee of 5-15% of the total payment to the freelancer as commission.

So get going with creating videos on the best video editing software that is available for free- InVideo and earn easily sitting at home!


If you are one of those video editors who aspires to work with big names or brands, MOFILM is an ideal choice for you. This UK-based content creator firm makes videos for brands all over the globe. As a video editor, you can also pitch your idea to any interested brand to gain work proposals and money (isn’t it obvious).
MOFILM.com is a quality-driven platform where you can have a glimpse of what is going on in the industry. And, you can also compete with the best. In general, any company with a specific project requirement gets in touch with freelancers on MOFILM.com. There is no standard fee and the amount depends on the kind of project and mutual settlement. The amount is paid, most of the time, through bank transfers in two slots, half at the time of agreement and rest after the completion of work.


Tongal is very much similar to MOFILM.com that provides an opportunity for content creators to showcase their creativity and generate revenue. Tongal hires professionals from various fields of work including writers, animators, videographers and editors. There are a total of 4 modes of payment on the platform – PayPal, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and Check.

Projects listings are similar to ViEdit i.e. with competition and prize details. As a freelancer, you can pitch your idea through storyboarding or any sample project. I would suggest you edit or create a small part of the video like an intro video of the proposed project to uplift your chances. Once your pitch is selected, the firm will fund the whole video related expenditure and you will be paid the proposed amount after the final edits are done.  As a videographer, to edit your videos and make them more interesting, you need InVideo- a video editing software that is the best, as well as is free- so that you can easily create engaging videos and earn through them!


Uscreen is similar to the marketplace for video projects. It is a video on demand site that allows content creators to sell their projects and videos online. If you are a video editor or content creator, Uscreen.tv creates your own video selling platform you can also offer paid subscriptions. As it allows you to create your own marketplace, you can sell your products at any desired price.

Uscreen has ties with various payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. Notably, Uscreen.tv charges a nominal fee per month for owning your video store which might vary in a range of $99 to $388, depending on your required subscriber base.

Stage 32:

If you wish to create content and edit videos for the entertainment industry, you should prefer Stage 32. It is starkly different from most of the above-mentioned sites. Stage 32 is a production-networking site, somewhat similar to Facebook, but is meant for media professionals.

Stage 32 has a vast user base of more than 500,000 registered professionals working in the media industry all over the globe. Notably, the community is very active and production jobs are posted on a daily basis


Besides all these, there are a number of other sites including Mandy and Upwork where you can land attractive freelance jobs. The job postings on these sites are related to video editing, graphics designing, voice-overs, making an intro or outro videos, thumbnails etc. A pro tip: networking on these sites is of utmost importance as it can aid in getting new gigs easily, and choosing the right platform to create videos easily and quickly is key- so get yourself InVideo, which is free, and the best video editing software out there.

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