Content Marketing for Real Estate: Three Tips to Generate Ideas for Blogs

Content Marketing for Real Estate: Three Tips to Generate Ideas for Blogs

Most real estate businesses now realize the importance of having a solid content marketing strategy. Blogging is clearly a crucial part of that, but generating ideas is not always an easy process. Therefore, this article aims to provide some tips for coming up with topics to write about that are relevant to real estate agents.

1. Think about your previously successful content  

Real estate brokers often think they need to create unique topics or ideas for each new post. However, there are a limited number of ideas, and this can make it challenging to generate enough content for your company blog.

Therefore, it can be a better idea to learn lessons from your previously successful content and aim to write something similar. In general, related content has the potential to perform well, just like the original piece did. So, think about writing content on a similar topic or finding a new angle. There are many real estate marketing companies that can assist with content marketing if you find yourself stuck.

2. Consider trends and popular content

Aside from your past successes, you may also want to consider which trends and topics are popular. There are certainly different schools of thought on this and your approach may depend on your aim for your company blog.

For example, writing on a trending topic can get you significant page views in a couple of days, but the long-term appeal of the piece won't be great. Therefore, some Realtors may prefer to write on topics that are often popular rather than a trending topic per se. Also, remember that writing on trends is often hugely competitive.

Given a lot of real estate agents may have the same idea as you, it's important to make your piece unique. For example, you may focus on a point many other real estate agents are missing or provide some more in-depth analysis. Think about the way you provide your information as well because presentation is so often the key to getting noticed.

3. Stay relevant to your real estate brand

Of course, some people will say that you need to be broad with your topic areas to write enough content for your company blog. While that seems a logical enough position, the reality is somewhat different. The problem with a broad approach to blog content is it can be difficult to decide which subject to cover next.

It's also true that you have the best chance of engaging your audience when writing on topics they are most passionate about. Remember above all else the quality of your articles must come above the number of them. Therefore, you should have a content plan for topics that are most relevant to your brand in real estate.

Having this plan even if it's only a vague idea will help you come up with new ideas. You can't hope to engage your audience with a haphazard style, so look to stay relevant to both your brand and the real estate industry. Being focused is an aid to writing quality content and one good idea will lead to many others.

While Realtors appreciate the importance of content marketing, getting it right on your company blog is never an easy process. This article has provided some tips for generating ideas for your blog. Remember to think about your previously successful content, consider trends and what is popular and stay relevant to your brand.

Last updated:3/24/2020 3:42:56 AM
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