Features of angular data table and NGX data table

Angular data table: 

It is an Angularjs directive for presenting large and complex data. It has no external dependencies and has all other features of any other data table but in a lighter package. No assumptions were taken by the table about how you filter, sort or page it.

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Basic Features of a data table:

For an angular table, it should have these basic features

  • Pagination
  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Search
  • Responsive Table
  • Infinite scrolling

In this article let us look at these features in brief.


In this fast-moving generation, if your browser takes more than 2 seconds than the other websites they will leave the page. So angular data table pagination is important when you are working with large data.

Pagination makes the user experience better. This technique allows users to switch between whatever section of data they want to browse. There are two types of pagination

  1. Client-side pagination
  2. Server-side pagination

Client-side pagination: It can be a viable option if the data to be used is not large and you don’t care about improving user experience. This can be seen in some inhouse applications.

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A single API request is enough for this type of pagination to backend and gets all the data. You need to increment offset, show/hide the data using CSS on the current page. In the angular framework make an array-like current data and use it in HTML.

import {component} from@angular/core 
selector: ‘app example’
templateurl: ‘./example.component.html’,
styleUrls: ‘./example.component.css’,
class examplecomponent {
Text: test1
Text: test2
Text; test3
Itemperpage= 10;

Server Side pagination: It is faster and your backup team might not be equipped to set up architecture required.

Developing this form will teach you to send API requests with correct parameters. For this, the count is the total number of items requested from the API, and offset is the data starting point.

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Filter, Search and Sort:

The angular data table sorting is of two types

Server-side filter sort: By sending an API request to your backend developer filter/sort can be done. He will sort/filter the data using queries in the database according to your needs., Therefore, The results can be shown to the user.

Client-side filter/sort: Depending on the loading technique you are using (bulk/pagination / infinite scrolling), this data can be requested in chunks or bulk.

Sorting could become tricky here as a developer if the data you are going to sort has dynamic types (strings/numbers/emojis). When you are using the form Array.sort(), you can use the callback function, this function takes in and modifies the way your data is sorted.  

Responsive table: If your column count is high, making the data-table sensitive can be tricky. You will need to use a few techniques to give your user the appropriate data, while not robbing them of an appealing experience. You and the manager agree on those tactics together. In this case, they generally listen more to the developers, because certain approaches are faster than others. Making a table responsive from scratch takes some effort. You must consider mobile devices, tables, landscape orientations.

Infinite scrolling: Pagination sometimes isn't the best way to go. A list of games or movies you may like to screen. The list is long and you want users to display the data in the order that you want. You don't want the users to jump to a specific section of the system, and you don't want them to know how much system there is. You can implement Infinite scrolling, in the place of pagination.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use this widely where you scroll down to see content in their feeds. In the first load, all the content is not loaded. If it were, you probably would have to wait a few minutes before you could see something on your feed.

  Infinite scrolling is achieved when you scroll down, and you query the backend API for more data just before you hit the end of the tab. A loading indicator is shown to the user to say that there is more data on its way. If there is no data to fetch, you must stop the API requests.

These are the features of a data table. For example, we can look into an angular data table i.e NGX data table. 

ngx data table:

  Features of Ngx data table:

Features of angular data table and NGX data table

The features of the NGX data table are:

  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • It can sorth both horizontally and vertically.
  • You can perform row grouping, row detailing and can modify the row height.
  • Responsive table.
  • Server-side paging


In this article, I discussed briefly the data tables in angular. I hope you got an idea about angular data tables. To learn more about angular data tables you can go for angular online training. Then you can get an idea to work with angular and to use data tables for presenting large and complex data.

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