Where to find the best free fonts for your logo design

Where to find the best free fonts for your logo design

No matter the newbie designer or professional logo design service provider, the need for a brilliant typeface has the power to turn any logo design into a genius piece of art. Finding the perfect font your logo can inspire and add a creative look to your project.

The online world is filled with amazing fonts that you can use in your creative logo design project. However, not all of them come without a price. So, in this article you will find the best free websites that provide a great collection of free fonts you can use for your design, or who knows, it might work as an inspiration?

Are All the Fonts Free, or…

Before you go ahead and use the fonts, it’s good to be aware of the rules, which logo design service provider, new or professional, keep atop in their checklist. And, Yes, many of the fonts are freely downloadable, but it doesn’t mean you can run wild with them whether for yourself or a logo design service provider.

A lot of the free fonts you find online carry a limited license tag, meaning that you are allowed to use them in personal projects only. Although, if you are into using the fonts for commercial purposes, there are free fonts available for it as well.

So, let us jump into the list of websites for free fonts!

1. Google Fonts

You Google for Free fonts, and what do you get at the top? …Google Fonts! Now, this doesn’t mean that Google intentionally brings its subsidiary on the front page. Google fonts offer a massive library of high-quality fonts, over 800 font families in numbers. Carrying multiple typefaces from Serif to Sans Serif, script, monospaced to display, it's highly likely you won’t leave unsatisfied if fonts were actually your concern.

• The League of Moveable Type

The name may evoke your gaming neurons, but, this website is no game when it comes to high-quality fonts. The League of Movable Type focuses more on quality over quantity, which is not a bad deal, I mean some top-notch fonts over unlikely ones are fine with me. This website has a good reputation for providing an appealing collection of free open-source fonts. While looking great on the web, the fonts are just as nice on print design.

• FontSpace

Okay, so logo designs can never look stale when hand-drawn. This website, FontSpace, has some serious library of OVER 65,000 Free Fonts, over 15,000 commercially applicable fonts, and over 12 million GLYPHS. The Web fonts are backed by over 2,800 skilled and dedicated designers. Now, the best part of this site is that it is popularly known for providing hand-drawn fonts that is one attractive feature when finding fonts for your logo.

• Creative Market

As the name suggests, Creative Market is an online marketplace where you can find high-quality designs made in collaboration with a creative community. No matter how good free fonts you can find, a paid font is still... a paid font. A perk of this market is that you are given the opportunity to get one paid font (with other designing goodies) for free, which is attainable for a limited period. This can be an excellent practice that can help you get paid fonts for free. Imagine how many paid fonts you’ll have in a year.

• Behance

Behance is not strictly known as a great resource to find fonts. It’s much more than that. Say it the Facebook of designers. In the site, members create and share a portfolio of their best design works. Now, designers also share free content on Behance, which includes free fonts. A simple query, such as “free fonts”, will display an array of fonts that are free to use. The good part about Behance is that the fonts usually feature unique designs you won’t find on other font sources.

• Dafont

Dafont is a popular site known for its huge library of free fonts. The list is so big, that you will be tired of discovering fonts but the list won’t stop showcasing. A big part of the time would go in exploring the categories and options of fonts it provides. While the massive collection of fonts are free to download but that doesn’t ensure they’ll all be of high quality. So, spend some time and you’ll definitely stumble over the perfect font for your logo.

• Fontasy.de

Fantasy contains an archive having more than 1100 fonts available to download for free. The site caters the fonts according to their styles, name initials, and categories such as Arabic fonts, 3d fonts, Asian, fonts, and even has Barcode fonts, so robots can get logo inspiration too. And these are just scratching the surface of the ridiculous categories you never expected you can find. But, this makes Fantasy top the best site for logo fonts in this list, I guess.


The sites mentioned above are some of the best websites that everyone including logo design service providers visits when creating an inspiring logo. Check to make sure the font you’re downloading are free for commercial use if you are looking to use it for brands or public uses.

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