Why Companies Decide to Hire an Answering Service

Why Companies Decide to Hire an Answering Service

One thing every company struggles to deal with is endless phone calls. From the moment you start the day, messages are waiting, you have calls to return, and you face a never-ending stream of calls throughout the day.

As valuable as customer interaction can be, constant phone calls can distract from your workday, take employees away from their jobs, and contribute to a disorganized work environment.

If this scenario sounds similar to the frustrations you face, it might be time to hire an answering service. Here are the top reasons why an answering service might benefit you.

Reduce Costs

Cost reduction for your company is one of the most common reasons why answering services are utilized. When you employ an answering service to take care of your calls, inquiries, and orders, you’ll save yourself the cost of hiring a dedicated receptionist.

You’ll not only save the expense of a full-time salary, but you’ll also save costs related to health insurance, paid time off, and training.

Answering service professionals are dedicated to answering your phone calls, routing them to the proper departments, and handling many of the tasks associated with calls and queries.

Depending on the service hired, you can also have your phones staffed 24/7, a nearly impossible task were you to hire a full-time employee to do the same job.

Free Up Time

In addition to saved expenses for your company, you’ll also be able to save hours each workday. Answering calls, listening to messages, following up on inquiries, forwarding calls to the correct personnel, and answering questions all takes time.

If you don’t have a receptionist to do this full time, and you’re relying on your employees to pick up the incessant phone calls, you’ll notice several things occur:

- Your employees’ productivity will diminish

- Your employees will face frustration due to an increased workload

- Your employees won’t be able to fully do the job you actually hired them to do

When you hired each person to staff your company, you did so for specific reasons, from IT to production and management. You didn’t hire any of these people to answer phone calls.


Hiring an answering service, you let your employees get back to the job you hired them to do, and you let them know that their work is valued, their job is secure, and their time spent working for you is protected.

Improve Customer Service

If improving customer service and providing a polished appearance for your company is important, an answering service will all but guarantee it. These days, instant customer service is vital for the image of a company.

By hiring an answering service, customer needs can be addressed as soon as they call. Each call service agent can answer your customers according to your company guidelines and use company lingo to further cement the image of your company in customers’ minds.

Answering service professionals are thoroughly trained and can offer your customers:

- Order Taking

- Event Sign-up and Registration

- Processing Payments

- Booking Appointments

- Troubleshooting and Help Desk Support

- Transferring Calls

They are equipped to deal with unruly or upset customers and can help your customers with a variety of needs regardless of the time of day. This kind of service will prove beneficial to growing your company and establishing yourself as a company that puts its customers first.

Make Bilingual Happen

Depending on the type of answering service you hire, one of the greatest contributions you can expect is the ability to have bilingual customer support. Many answering services offer a bilingual capability for Spanish and English.

Spanish-English bilingual customer support is growing rapidly due to the number of native Spanish speakers seeking access to goods, needing to interact with companies, and investing in startups.

If you want the most interaction possible with your customer base, potential clients, and investors, hire a bilingual answering service.

Expand Services

One of the best things about hiring an answering service is that you can effortlessly and endlessly expand your customer support team. If you need more workers to handle phones for your company, you can adjust your plan to ensure that happens.


You desire 24/7 customer support, you can set that up, as well. With an answering service, you can endlessly expand your company’s capabilities to handle customer service needs.

An Improved Business

Answering a hiring service can significantly benefit your business by saving you money and reduce your overall costs. With increased customer service and bilingual capabilities, you’ll be able to interact with the majority of your customer and investor base.

Finally, you’ll be able to endlessly expand the services you provide to customers, ensuring that you’ll able to match the demands for increased customer service as your company grows.

Which of these reasons would benefit your business the most?

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