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A Definitive Guide To Different Types Of Apartments

A Definitive Guide To Different Types Of Apartments

Dominick Bailey 614 28-Feb-2020

When it comes to apartment hunting, you want to make sure that you choose the right apartment for your needs. Finding apts for rent in Denver is not an easy task and you need to consider a lot of things starting from your budget to the type of neighborhood you want to live in.

The most confusing thing about an apartment is probably deciding the type of apartment you want to live, considering there are so many different types of the apartment out there. Also, many people may not be as well acquainted with the type of apartments as others, especially if it is your first apartment. Here are all the different types of apartments to help you select an apartment.

Tiny apartments

- Studio apartment

This type of apartment is suitable if you are living alone and comprises of two rooms. One room is an open space that serves as a kitchen and a living room with space for a small bed and the other room is a bath.

- Alcove studio

This is a type of studio apartment that comes with an L-shaped partition to create a semi-private living area. The rest of the room can be used as a living room and kitchen space and there is a full bath as well.

- Convertible studio

This is basically a studio apartment with a larger space and can be converted into a one-bedroom apartment if the landlord allows it.

- Micro-studio

These apartments are studio apartment cramped further. Generally, these apartments offer a space of 350 square fit or less.

Medium apartments

- Basement apartment

This type of apartment is medium-sized and lies below the street level. Basement apartments may or may not have windows.

- Shotgun apartment

This type of apartment is basically one or two-bedroom wide and has multiple rooms that opens one after another in a row.

- Garden apartment 

This is another moderately sized apartment that lies on the ground floor and has access to the backyard or garden.

- One-bedroom apartment 

One bedroom apartments in Denver has a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The rooms can be spacious or cramped depending on your locality and budget.

- Junior one bedroom apartment

This type of apartment has the same number of rooms like that of a one bedroom apartment but the size of it is a little smaller. The space occupied by a junior one bedroom apartment lies somewhere between a tiny apartment and a one bedroom apartment.

- Flex apartment

This type of apartment has the same number of rooms as that of a one-bedroom apartment but the space occupied by it is larger than that of a one-bedroom apartment. The apartment sometimes has enough room to create a separate bedroom by constructing a drywall partition.

- Two-bedroom apartment

This type of apartment is suitable for couples and small families. A two-bedroom apartment offers two separate bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and one of the rooms has an ensuite bathroom as well.

Large apartments

- Three-bedroom apartment

This type of apartment features three separate bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, kitchens. Three bedroom apartments can be easy or hard to find depending on the locality you want to live in.

- Classic six or seven

These are large apartments commonly seen in NYC and were built before the Second World War. these apartments consist of six to seven separate rooms.

- Penthouse

These are large-sized apartments that sit on top of an apartment building. These apartments are very luxurious and often offer a spectacular view of the city below.

- Duplex/Triplex

These are multi-story stacked living spaces that are connected internally by means of stairs. Usually, in such a unit more than one level is dedicated to a living quarter.

- Maisonette

These are triplex apartments with a private entryway of their own.

- Loft 

Lofts are reconstructed industrial spaces with open floor plans. They may occupy more than one level in some cases.

- Parlor floor

These are a specific type of apartment that occupies the second floor of a townhouse or a brownstone building.

Updated 24-May-2020
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