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"Empower Lifestyle Via Ethstvo Blockchain Network"

"Empower Lifestyle Via Ethstvo Blockchain Network"

Ethstvoworld Blockchain1017 25-Feb-2020

ETHSTVO blockchain is a risk-free social wealth decentralized program for everyone. Fully decentralized, trusted, anonymous and transparent transaction. Introduce and fully implement of gift economy to the better cause. In a modern world, they were a lot of business models and we always forget the power of helping each other to achieve something in our life.

Now, let’s back to basic and achieve it together via this program.The game-changer in the gift economy. You contribute your Ethereum to a peer, and others will do the same to you. Contribute a minimum of 0.10 ETH today and start receiving, while learning the power of gift economy,up to 4,000 ETH in the future.

There was a time when anybody needing monetary help, whether for starting a business or for fulfilling a personal need, had to depend on moneylenders. In the absence of regulations, these sources of respite became more exploitative over time. Therefore, the need for regulated financial institutions like banks was felt. However, there are several cases where these institutions refuse to lend money.

What, then, are the options for a person in dire need of credit, but deemed unsuitable to receive it by an institution? Is there any alternative that ensures that the person in need is not exploited? The present economic system, which is made to seem natural and too widespread to change, is based upon a simple operation in which individuals participate at many different levels and at many different times.

The motivation is self-oriented since what is given returns under a different form to the giver to satisfy her or his need. The satisfaction of the need of the other person is a means to the satisfaction of one’s own needs. Exchange requires identification of the things exchanged, as well as their measurement and an assertion of their equivalence to the satisfaction of the exchangers that neither is giving more than she or he is receiving.

It, therefore, requires visibility, attracting attention even though it is done so often that the visibility is commonplace. Money enters the exchange, taking the place of products reflecting their quantitative evaluation. This seemingly simple human interaction of exchange, since it is done so often, becomes a sort of archetype or magnet for other human interactions, making itself-and whatever looks like it-seem normal, while anything else is crazy.

Creating and distributing wealth in the form of gifts represents a total system of exchanges that includes objects, people, emotions and beliefs. Gift exchange may appear as a benevolent act of “generosity, freedom, and autonomy”, but it is always strategic — it helps maintain social order, solidarity, social hierarchies, and power.

At the same time, it also represents a mechanism for challenging established systems of social order, by confronting them with gifts. This particular duality of the gift makes it simultaneously a form of positive communication and agonistic confrontation, one that obscures a struggle for power, prestige, transformation, and humiliation under the veil of benevolent gift-giving.

The gift economy is based on symbolic exchanges through which social relations and hierarchies are established and maintained. Any gift, therefore, has bonding value that is expressed precisely in the ability of the gift to create and establish relations. Symbolic exchange embeds the donor and the recipient in a relation that obliges the recipient to reciprocate the gift at a further occasion, or otherwise become a subject indebted to the donor.

From this perspective, the gift can never lead to egalitarianism. Such assumptions, commonly expressed in relation to the online gift economies, are misleading. Gift economies are, hence, inherently based on the generation of debt, the repayment of which produces social relations.

The first step toward a sustainable community is taking pride in the value of our contributions to others rather than taking pride in the value of our possessions. By extension, this means striving for quality in the use of whatever power we have rather than working to get more power over others as an end in itself.

Working for ETHSTVO Blockchain. This is a risk-free social wealth decentralized program for everyone. Fully decentralized, trusted, and transparent transaction.

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