What To Look For In Your Post Ankle Surgery Footwear?

It's crucial to think about your post-surgery footwear before scheduling physical therapy and rehabilitation in Las Vegas. More than just a comfort issue, the shoes should provide a solid foundation for healing. Finding and purchasing them well before the surgery ensures that the size and fit are right. Remember these characteristics that any doctor recommends for those undergoing procedures.

Added Support

Having the perfect level of support is key to healing and resetting any traumas. The base of the shoe should have a decent level or levels of solid materials; inside the sole should be thick enough to handle any movements. If possible, get shoes with some sort of shock absorption. This last aspect is not a make or break detail, but it can assist in the recovery as force is sent away from the ankle as opposed to through it.

Conforming Soles

Soles come in many shapes and sizes, with all having a purpose based on the shoe's suggested use. Soles that shape and conform to your feet are a great way to get unwanted shock under control. They also protect skin from becoming irritated by improper fits or movement. It's a must to try conforming the sole before going into surgery. Changes might occur afterward, but the best solution is to have an imprint of your healthy feet.


Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on footwear, especially if it is just for a short while during after-surgery care. The good news is a lot of companies make good shoes at relatively low prices. Remember, price is not everything and a shoe that has none of the other characteristics mentioned could actually be a bad choice. When researching shoes at a certain price point, be sure to check out reviews and ask others who have used them for surgical recovery about their experiences.


Having a dependable pair of shoes goes a long way as you get better. The most dependable shoes come with materials that are proven to hold up under any conditions. Leather is the most commonly used choice because it has been shown time and time again to be a resilient option. Natural materials are just one choice among shoes. Synthetic fabrics have their own track record for quality. Whether you choose natural or synthetic fabrics, find something that has been tested for durability. Most manufacturers include this information on their website or in promotional items.


Your range of movement is going to be an issue as your ankle recovers. A more flexible pair of shoes can help you restore movement. Don't be confused; this is not an endorsement for soles that bend up completely or twist themselves into odd shapes. Instead, the shoe itself should move naturally with you and give way just enough to be comfortable without being loose.

Knowing what to look for now can save you a lot of time and hassle after your surgery is over. The best shoes provide a safe, comfortable fit that protects those delicate ankles. If you're still unsure or have questions, always ask your doctor.

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