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Trends In Business Logo Design

Trends In Business Logo Design

Kiki Shavit 430 11-Feb-2020

In the continuously growing business world, professionals are always curious to find some impressive ways to lead impression. On one side they are working hard to develop top-notch products to serve the audience. On the other side, they are using the latest technologies for marketing. But beyond all, in order to create a memorable impression, all business professionals are working on the best logo design.  

Trends In Business Logo Design

There is no doubt to say that logos are an integral part of branding campaigns. They give your business a unique identity in the competitive market. But in order to build the desired credibility, one should first choose an elegant design idea for the logo. One of the most famous trends in the market is the logo. It can communicate many unique things about your business.

Below we have highlighted a few latest trends for designing impressive letters logos:

1. Interlocking letters:

There are two options for alphabetic logo designs. You can either go ahead with a single letter or create a mix of multiple alphabets. Those who are using two or three alphabets together can think about interlocking ideas. They can be locked just like the Olympic rings or a wedding lock. If your brand name has two words, you can take up the first two alphabets of words to create elegant interlocking. Prefer to highlight them with unique color composition.

2. Overlapping letters:

The second best idea about alphabetic logo designs is using overlapping two letters in such a manner that they create impressive appeal. Again, you can pick the initials of the business name and arrange them in some creative geometrical order. The font, color, and size of letters must be decided carefully to achieve the desired appeal.

3. Bridging letters:

Another amazing idea about designing stunning letter logos is bridging two letters together. You can use some decorative graphics to adjust the space between these two letters. The online logo maker tools can help you create the most impressive templates by following simple effects. Prefer to arrange their backgrounds and color impacts more carefully. You can connect two letters using some creative dots in the middle or place the letters in a connected form as per their shapes.

4. Transparency technique:

Here is one more logo trend that is capturing the attention of most business owners these days. The idea is to overlap various letters in such a manner that they appear transparent. Instead of making the entire design transparent, you can also plan to add transparency to the overlapping portions only. It can give a more impressive appeal to your letter logos.

5. Color empty spaces:

Instead of keeping everything blank around the tiny alphabet logo, you should look for ideas to add rich colors to the surrounding area. Pick the color of your choice, make sure it is more relevant to your brand. Then fill the vacant spaces with the selected color while highlighting the alphabets in a darker shade.

You can choose any of these alphabet logo design trends to create an impression in the competitive market. Try to create a logo for free with our logo maker tool.

Trends In Business Logo Design

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