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Difference between Filler and Botulinum

Difference between Filler and Botulinum

Aspire Aesthetics1025 31-Jan-2020

Many times in outpatient practice I have heard people say: “they did something for wrinkles but I don't remember what…. I only know that they were stings 'or to say that' Botox In Belfast did me a great job, it softened my bags under my eyes 'when it's impossible, it was a filler to fill and mask the bags, or even' with only 3 -4 small bites of filler have removed all the wrinkles of my forehead 'and also in this case it is a botulinum not a filler.

Difference between Filler and Botulinum


It is true that it is the result that counts but it is a duty for the doctor to adequately inform patients and for the patient to be informed of what he will do, even when it is not invasive or annoying, for this reason it is good to remember how these two very effective act beauty treatments.


The filler is composed of substances of natural origin, more frequently hyaluronic acid , sometimes hydroxyapatite or other substances even more rarely, normally present in our body which are concentrated and inserted in specific points to INCREASE THE VOLUME in the insertion area. means to fill).

By increasing the volume , some imperfections are corrected , for example wrinkles that go from the nose to the mouth (nasogenic or nasolabial) can be eliminated , since the wrinkles themselves are 'depressions' in the skin that are filled until they disappear; or you can restore the volume of a cheekbone or of the temporal region that have 'emptied' after weight loss or physiological aging

Botox for forehead wrinkles Northern Ireland

The Botox is a derivative bacterium that has to paralyze the muscles temporarily properties thus blocking the physiological tonic contraction that they have. In practice, the muscles are always a little contracted and with the botulinum they RELAX COMPLETELY managing to 'stretch' the overlying tissues.

With this it is easy to understand that if the skin of the forehead is stretched , the wrinkles caused by the contraction of the skin itself will disappear or will be markedly reduced .

For this reason it is used not only in the treatment and prevention of wrinkles but also in the 'remodeling' of some parts of the face, such as the eyebrow which could be held in position by muscles with antagonistic action and if the muscles that pull it down are weakened will get a raised eyebrow.

Filler and Botulinus together

From this brief presentation it is clear that although not 'super imposable' both treatments offer many possibilities and guarantee excellent results and, if carried out by an expert operator, you will have greater safety and the best personalized result.


Both treatments are minimally invasive , that is, they require only a few small injections, they can be performed in a short time and do not require recovery .

Commonly there are no side effects being only in rare cases limited to a small bruising (bruise) in the injection area.

The duration of both is very similar in that both the time that the most common filler takes to reabsorb and the action of the botulinum to disappear is about six months , while the cost of the botulinum is greater, above all for the high cost of the drug.

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