Getting Started With HTML To WordPress Conversion Procedure Now

Getting Started With HTML To WordPress Conversion Procedure Now

Trying to convert from HTML to WordPress is not that simple as you might think it to be. Right from the time it has been incepted till now, the world of web design has moved to an interactive web space. There’s no need for any individual to work hard on markup on your own.

Let the well trained content management systems work on its heavy lifting. Well, that does not mean static HTML website is out of question. HTML5 has the latest iteration when it comes to markup language and happens to be pretty powerful. It will help you to build quality websites without working on CMS behind it.

Three simple ways for this conversion:

To get the html to wordpress conversion going, it is vital to turn the basic HTML design into WP theme. A theme helps in controlling feel and look of WP website, while the CMS based functions will work with added plugins. For this switch, you have three simple ways to follow.

• Converting HTML to WP theme manually:

It happens to be most technical option where you will use existing code and use it as starting point for creating theme files on WP. The process is not that complicated, mainly with coding experience. You can easily pull it off with CSS, HTML and PHP knowledge.

• Using WordPress Child Theme for conversion:

This is the most reasonable and easiest options you have, when it comes to monetary and effort investment. In place of using existing website as starting point, you can work on already crafted WP theme. After that, you just need to adjust the design to resemble the old website.

• Importing content straight from HTML to WP with plugin usage:

If you do not insist on using present design and planning to change it, things will get a lot easier. You just have to set up one site, install theme and then get to import the HTML content. This is not just a quick process but a painless one too.

Preparing for that conversion is a must:

No matter whatever route you are planning to work on among the lot, there are some things that you really need to dive in and right away.

• At first, you need to work on the hosting plan while planning to convert html to wordpress. Make it a point to work on valid options, which are out there and then you get to decide on the best package that fit your needs.

• There are times, when you have to create localized WP installation in its place. If you want, you can always migrate it to any hosting service later.

• When you have chosen it, it is vital to install WP and the log right into the world of WP admin.

The ultimate guide to follow:

First of all, be sure to have WordPress already installed on hosting account or the localhost. You can even plan to sign up for the managed WP hosting platform, to be installed with just a single click.

• Next step, be sure to name your theme. Access WP installation through FTP client and start navigating to the WP content, followed by Themes. IN this folder, create a new one and name is with your theme.

• Every WP installation comprises of two major files, index.php and style.css. So, be sure to create more files for better organizing the theme. For that, you need to create header.php, footer.php and functions.php apart from the two mentioned.

• Then you better copy images, CSS and JS folders. Copy these points from HTML theme to that of the new WP theme folder.

• Later, you have to breakdown the HTML right into three major categories, which are Header, Index and Footer.

• Next, it is time to configure CSS and for that, you can always try to hire wordpress developer. The theme might look weird at first because you have not applied CSS files to the theme. So, it is time to do that.

• For the next step, you have to configure JavaScript. There are some noted codes for that, which experienced WordPress developers know how to work with.

• When you have taken care of these steps, it is time to enable customized title in WP. For that, you have to use the in-built function bloginfo with “name” as parameter between title tags.

• When that is done, it is better to add the customized navigation menu in this field of WordPress. For the next stop, be sure to add the latest posts that you want to be displayed on homepage. This is your last stage, which shows that the WP theme is up and running proficiently.

Once you get to follow these norms, creating a WordPress theme from scratch is really simple. It might be a difficult method as first but once you have gone through the steps, it becomes simple. Know the codes and plugins for better help.

Last updated:2/25/2020 3:29:59 AM
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