Step by step guide to create a website for starters

Step by step guide to create a website for starters

Welcome to our step-by-step guide that will show you how to make a website and the basic issues of publishing your first website. This guide is intended for beginners, if you already have knowledge on how to make a website, this guide may seem unnecessary, so we invite you to find another article related to your concerns.

Since some steps are more complicated than others or you should talk more about them, we have placed links in the names of the steps for you to enter a more specialized article on the subject. We must say that the creation of websites is a very extensive topic and that there are many options when thinking about designing a website, we will show you the best options that exist and you can use the one that suits your needs.

The essential guide - Step by step guide to making your website

Get your domain name

The first thing to do is get your domain name, a domain name is a name you want to give your website, example:,, etc ..., to obtain a domain name you must pay an annual fee to a domain registrar to obtain the right to use that name. Visit Ipage to buy a domain name for your website. Visit Web Soft Tutorials for Ipage Coupon and Discount Code.

When you get a domain name you don't get a web page or anything like that. It's just like getting the rights to use a business name, if for example, you want to create a company, you must register the name of that company; the same happens on the internet, you must register the name of your website.

You can buy your domain name at Godaddy for only $ 12.00 per year. We are not resellers so you will be able to use that domain on websites such as or If this part is not clear, please visit the section of our domain where we explain more about it.

Get the hosting of your website

A web hosting service is basically a company that has a large number of computers connected to the internet. We provide web hosting for all your pages from $ 4.95 per month when you upload your website to our servers everyone can see it.

When you hire a hosting service, you must choose your domain name as well, so that your space on our server is automatically linked to your files within our servers. Also with us, you can get your domain name completely free. You can visit Bluehost or Godaddy to get the hosting for your website. Find Bluehost Vs Godaddy, which is the best hosting provider.

The design of your page 

Once you have purchased your domain name and also have your hosting service, the next step is to design your website. Nowadays hiring a web designer, or a web design company can be expensive, the best thing you can do is create your website yourself.

The costs of a web designer can vary between companies and also between different countries, but a web designer could cost between $ 500 and $ 3,000. We teach you to create your own website without the need to hire the services of a web designer and get the same or better results. You can design your website on Wix or Wordpress, visit Web Soft Tutorial today for Wix promo code 2020.

Accept credit cards on your website 

If you are thinking of creating a commercial website, where you sell products or services, whether digital or physical, you should be able to receive payments through credit or debit cards.

There are many companies that provide this possibility without the need for you to be a company, you as an individual can charge with credit cards on your website without any problem with websites such as PayPal or ClickBank, they are the best options when selling your products or services through the internet.

If you want to make money with your website or start your own business through the internet, it is likely that the button in the side menu called “make money online” will call your attention where you will find more articles related to this topic.

Publish your website

When your website is ready, you should send it to the main search engines on the Internet such as Google and Bing. You will find the forms to send a web page and be indexed in the search engines below.

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