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How to build low cost Quality YouTube video in 2020

How to build low cost Quality YouTube video in 2020

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If you are budding YouTubers and want to build a career on YouTube. But you are not able to start your career because of not able to shoot proper video to upload in your channel. There may be many reasons behind this such as lack of better equipment, not a good background or you are not able to edit the video properly to it presentable to your audience. In this, you get to know how to build better quality videos based on these three factors. This post will help in getting more YouTube views and subscribers.  

1.        Equipment:

Equipment generally consists of three things such as camera, microphone, and tripod. If you don’t have DSLR or video camera and are on a low budget then you can use your smartphone camera as well. Because nowadays, a Smartphone are built with a quality camera. And you can record a full High definition video of better quality.

• Microphone:

 Some time your recording device mike is not good enough. So you need to have a good quality external mike if you want to make a better quality YouTube video. A good quality external mike costs you a minimum of five thousand only. Buying a good quality mike will enhance your video quality a lot. If your video and sound quality are better, then the audience will be linking your videos. If you can’t afford a quality mike than you can also record video using your smartphone mike as well.

• Tripod:

If you are shooting at home you can use a small tripod. If you create a blog then you can use a selfie stick, which will give more stability to your video. And you will be able to create a good quality video.

2.         Better background:

The second this, you need is a better background to shoot a quality video. If you shoot outdone then make sure you shoot in between 3-6 PM. Because the lighting condition at this time is always good and will help you to create a crispy video. The benefit of outdoor shooting is that you don’t require lighting equipment to shoot your video. But if you shoot indoor then it is very important to have good artificial light on your face so that your face appears good in your video. You can buy video lighting equipment to create indoor video shootings. You can also use cool CFL lighting to create your indoor video as well.

Your background should also need to be neat and clean and relate to your video. Your background should not have unwanted items as well. If your background has an item related to your video then more audiences will like and view your YouTube videos.

3.        Video Editing:

This is one of the most important parts. After creating a video with better equipment and background, you need to edit it. You need to finalize the video so that your viewers like your video. There are mainly three things you need to look while editing your video.

  • • You need to use video editing software, through which you can edit your video
  • • You need to present your video with common animation which shows that this video is created by yourself.
  • • The third one is rendering. There are wide varieties of software available in the market place. But it depends on your skill which type of software you choose. If you are a basic user then you can use your computer window, movie maker. And if you are a Mac user then you can use eye movie maker. These are the basic software. If you are a new user and do not have proper knowledge regarding video editing then you can use these software to create good quality videos and upload it on YouTube. And if you want to opt of a high level then you can go for good software such as sony vegas pro, Camtasia, adobe after effect, etc. These are very good software with great features. These types of software will help you to create a quality YouTube video and you will be getting lots of free YouTube views in a short amount of time.

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