Economic Viability Of Investing Into A Playschool Franchise

Economic Viability Of Investing Into A Playschool Franchise

Playschools have become extremely popular in the past decade or so. This has resulted in many playschools, having made a name for themselves in places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc., wanting to provide the same quality of education in other metro and non-metro cities and towns. But spreading pan India and setting up branches is not a viable proposition taking into account the hassles involved in the same. Hence they look at setting up a play school franchise in India, wherein they provide the brand and guidance while partnering with someone situated locally and having the required space, money and clout to make a success of the venture. 

There are several advantages to taking up a playschool franchise which has prompted many people to opt for the same instead of opening their own playschools. The most common benefits which make the setting up of a playschool franchise an economically viable venture are:

• Proven success: The playschool model is a tried and tested business model which has already seen a lot of success. This makes it an almost risk-free venture wherein success is some what guaranteed provided the setup and operation of the play school franchise in india is done in a methodical manner. Goodwill is another factor which contributes to the success of the same since taking up a franchise of a playschool which has already made a name for itself makes it easy for the budding entrepreneur to survive the competition.

• Guidance and support: Any person willing to invest in setting up a franchise of an established playschool is sure to get the support and guidance of the franchisor. This is because making a success of the venture works in favour of both the franchisee and the franchisor. Thus both work together in tandem, one by providing the space and investment and the other by ensuring constant support and guidance in the setting up and daily operation of the same. This also makes it easier for people with no experience to invest in this field.

• Low initial costs: It is a known fact that the initial play school franchise cost is relatively lower than what is required to set up other businesses. Thus the infrastructure, facilities, space and staff need only an initial investment while the returns keep coming month after month. With parents becoming aware of the need for the grooming of a playschool in getting admission in good secondary schools, there is a huge demand for the same. Thus there is little risk of failing by investing in this venture if the playschool franchise is able to maintain the good quality and high standards of the franchisor playschool.

• Monetisation of space: Real estate is another area which reaps good returns on investment. But while most invest in the same eagerly, they simply let the space sit idle. Investing in a playschool franchise is a very good way of making money from the space that is already available.

Thus with so many positive things involved in the setting up of a playschool franchise, it is definitely a venture which has both economic and social value. With low play school franchise cost and high returns, this is one venture where financial success is somewhat guaranteed provided the other things are properly taken care of.

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