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Major Pros and Cons of Getting Education Online

Major Pros and Cons of Getting Education Online

Harry Williams 490 22-Jan-2020

There was a time when the only way to get an education was to be physically present in a traditional classroom with many other students and learn from an instructor, but now, in this digital era, getting an education has become much easier and convenient. E-Learning makes you learn about anything on the internet, wherever you want, whenever you want, which makes it one of the best development in the education system. There are no restrictions like the traditional education system. But, with all these advantages, there are also a few negative sides to getting an online education.

In this blog, we will discuss a few pros & cons of getting an education from any E-Learning Program.


1. Flexibility:
Time flexibility is one of the most valuable advantages of e-learning. You are not bound to wake up at 7 in the morning to take your class. E-Learning model gives you this benefit of learning whenever you feel comfortable with it. 

2. Low Cost:
We all know, that getting formal education from a good university is much expensive, especially for those students who don’t have any job. If compared, e-learning education is much cheaper than college and university fees. You can learn basic skills from a good e-learning portal in as low as $80. Where educational institutes charge almost $500-$1500 for one certification, depends on the course. 

3. Tailoring
Tailoring is perhaps one of the best things when getting an online education. Talking about course cost, access, selecting a specific instructor or even anything, e-learning can be tailored according to your needs and requirements.  


1. Isolation: 
Traditional classrooms have one benefit that you can discuss and engage with other students or instructors to clear your concepts and get your answers right away. But learning online on a computer is not the same thing, and it can also lead you to isolation, which then demotivates a student and weakens their communication skills. 

2. No Check and Balance: 
In online education, students are given the option to learn in their own way, wherever they want. But it has one negative effect too. There’s a high risk that students may bypass the whole learning process and try to get their certifications by just googling the answers. This could be prevented by taking one final test through the video before making them eligible for their certification. 

3. Doesn’t Suits Everyone:
While most of us like the freedom to study in our own way, there are many who don’t like the experience of e-learning. They like to be in a learning atmosphere where they can focus properly, and take help from their classmates.  

Updated 22-Jan-2020
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