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Custom Architectural Clocks Can Magnify The Presence Of Your Buildings

Custom Architectural Clocks Can Magnify The Presence Of Your Buildings

Admoveo Solutions 549 06-Jan-2020

Clocks are ornament for a building as they enhance the appearance of the architecture with their center jewel presence. Clocks are great exterior design elements though their primary duty is to tell time to people nearby with precision and accuracy. Custom architectural clocks are in vogue because they allow modifications to a clock makeup and enable owners to integrate their theme elements.  Architectural clocks being large in size automatically qualify as an advertising banner for the owners and their business. Whether it is a corporate building or a K-12 school, these clocks are able to muster enough publicity to keep their name afresh in the mind of people.

Benefits of installing the architectural clock
•    They bring great publicity to owners with their large presence and uniqueness. Custom clocks can be made to look pretty and attract attention of people passing nearby. The clocks will also be visible to people placed at a distance.
•    They provide accurate time to the people of the establishment and keep them on their toes throughout the day by constantly reminding them of the time and their duty
•    Building clocks are important symbols and become important landmarks for the town or city. People will always refer them while showing directions to out of town travelers.
•    You can customize the clocks according to your specifications and inscribe your name, logo or product and make it as an advertising tool for your activities

Custom Architectural Clocks Can Magnify The Presence Of Your Buildings
Architectural clocks also derive their name from the fact that they are integrated into the construction of a building. Clock faces are imposed on walls while the mechanism could remain on the other side of the wall or install prefabricated clocks on the wall face. A building clock can be occupying the whole face of a building wall or placed on top as a jewel in the crown. Either way the clock will be generating tremendous publicity for the establishments,

You can buy two types of architectural clocks and they are electric powered or solar powered or both. Integration of solar energy option provides self sufficiency in power thus eliminate the need of installing extra cables for supplying mains power to the clock. But it is advised to have both elements integrated in to the clocks as you will need the clock to shine during nights and show time to the public by illumination. This may not be possible with just solar power option as it will only work during day time.

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