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5 Simple Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

5 Simple Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Julia Ruth 1051 01-Jan-2020

Anyone who has a technology lover in their circle of friends or family knows it can be difficult to shop for them. They tend to pounce on the bigger items right away and they move on to the next big-ticket item. Instead of waiting for the PlayStation 5 or the next Mac laptop, consider something smaller that goes with their new technology.

Whether they are an Apple product enthusiast, a pro gamer, a music producer, or just someone who loves technology, there are lots of accessories and additions to make any gadget geek happy!

1. Phone Case

With every new iPhone comes the inevitable fear that the phone will break. Even though Apple says that each model is more durable than the last, a phone case and screen protector is necessary. However, with all the shiny distractions a new phone offers, it can be easy for them to forget to buy a case.

That’s where you come in! A new case, like an iPhone 11 case from Casely, is a great gift to show that you know about their new phone and you’re concerned about its well-being, too. Plus, with all the different phone cases you can find nowadays, it will be so easy to find something that fits their personality!

2. Headphones

Is your tech loving friend a gamer or someone who loves/produces music? If so, a solid set of headphones will do the trick. Incredibly advanced sets of headphones can climb in price very easily, but you can find high quality headsets specifically designed for gaming or music for under $50. If your loved one recently got a new console or gaming PC or they have new music production software, consider a nice headset to help them along.

3. Smart Plug

Does your loved one have an Amazon Echo? Consider getting them an Amazon Smart Plug. It may sound dumb, but it’s a useful outlet for people who love using their Alexa-enabled devices. The simple explanation is that it enables users to connect nearly any appliance or electronic to their Echo simply by using the smart plug. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and easy to use. Just set it up and plug it in!

4. Tile

We are not talking about floor tile! Tile is a tracking system that can be attached to different items and then located if they are lost. If your friend is someone who misplaces their stuff a lot, like laptops or phones, then Tile is perfect. You can get them in different sizes and they simply stick onto different objects. If something gets misplaced, they can use Tile to locate it. It’s a great tool for anyone, tech lover or not!

5. Handsfree/Wireless Charger

You can find some pretty cool chargers nowadays that are as easy to use as setting your phone on top of them. They can get expensive in some cases, but many are affordable. If your tech lover has a smart phone, they will likely be able to use one of these chargers. It’s important to research what types of devices and smart phones are compatible with the charger, but if it works, it’s certainly a very cool gift.


Everyone knows that when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Buying them smaller accessories to accompany their new gadgets is a way to show that you listen and you know what they like. You don’t have to break the bank, they won’t end up with multiples of the same tech, and they’ll appreciate your effort and everything it signifies. Try buying some of these today and see how much they love it!

Updated 23-Sep-2020
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