7 different types of forklifts

7 different types of forklifts

They come in many different shapes and sizes to fulfill multiple purposes at the workplace. These forklifts are divided in many different categories and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are learning about machines or looking forward to diversify your fleet, here are seven different types of forklifts.

1. Counter balance Forklifts

Counter balance forklifts are perhaps the most common type of forklift trucks used in warehouses and manufacturing factories. They have a simple operation. The machine consists of dual forks at the front of the truck and the weight on the back to offset the weight of the load in the front. They are available in electric, propane or diesel.

2. Three wheel Counter balance forklift

It is very much similar to the four-wheel counter balance forklifts. However, they are best to be used in narrow aisles and provide better maneuverability to the operator. If you are a warehouse manager wanting forklifts for sale Los Angeles, Vancouver and more, it is better to go with electric machines as they are cheaper and can be rented when not in use.

3. Reach forklift trucks

Ideal for warehouses, reach forklifts main point difference is their extended lift height which can reach to high racking systems. They have stabilizing legs at the front of the machine to increase support and thus do not require a weight balance like a counterbalance forklifts. There are three types of reach forklifts which are also available in electric.

4. Rough terrain forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts are used for outdoor construction and areas with terrain they have inflatable tires with a thick surface which provides stability to the machine when working on unstable grounds. Rough terrain forklift consists of engines which are more powerful than the regular forklift so it can reach higher speeds, perfect for transporting heavy load across rugged terrain. They also have a calibrated counterbalance at the back of the truck to prevent overbalance.

5. Side loader forklift

They are ideal for narrow working environments. The forks are loaded at the side of the truck. Industrial side loader forklifts are best for picking wide or long loads such as pipes, timber or sheets. They are sub divided in three categories:

• The enclosed tab – used outdoors

• Stand up – suited for indoor

• Multiway – consists of wheels that rotates at ninety degrees allowing transportation in all directions.

6. Telescopic handler forklift

These forklifts are perfect for agriculture and any work task that requires high lifting. They can be depicted as small cranes as they have a single telescopic boom that allows attachments such as a loft table, buckets or pallet fork at the end. This allows more productivity at the heights which a regular forklift cannot reach.

7. Pedestrian operated pallet trucks

Pedestrian operated or hand pallet trucks are most commonly used in warehouses and storage facilities. They are simple to use with the operator positioning the fork beneath the pallet. It uses manual hydraulic jack to lift the load from the ground. They have limited reach and can be used only to transport load from one place to another.

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