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Top 3 Ways Developers Can Build Smarter Gated Community Apartments During Design & Construction

Top 3 Ways Developers Can Build Smarter Gated Community Apartments During Design & Construction

Shelly Gomes 756 31-Dec-2019

The cost of constructing a property is increasing day by day. In India itself, builders are finding it challenging to meet the growing expense of the materials as well as keep a handsome margin for themselves. Since the construction costs are so high, houses, flats, villas, gated community apartments, etc, are becoming really expensive to afford.

Recently, the CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association) released a report where it showed how the prices of the building materials have risen over the years. Earlier, the price of a cement bag was only ₹270, but in six months, the price jumped to ₹330. That is almost a 25% increase in price in 6 months. Similarly, the price of sand increased by 75% from ₹35 cu.f to ₹135 per cu.ft. Steel and Aluminium have also seen a rise of 32% in the prices. These increasing prices have resulted in an increase in the selling price of the houses.

To reduce the cost of building gated community flats in Hyderabad, builders must look for a way to make the design and construction more smarter and efficient. This will help the prices to reduce. In this post, we have highlighted 6 ways that builders can use to reduce their cost and also make smarter gated community apartments.

Communicate with the final customer

A builder builds the property and gives it to its final owner. The final owner is, in the end, the actual owner of the place. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the customer about the designs and features of the flats. A customer may have specific requirements that a builder needs to provide. If proper communication takes place during the construction, then the builder can install the needs of the customer. If the customer points out the missing requirements and features after the construction is done, then the builder has to shell out extra money to include the features. If proper communication maintained during the time of construction then the builder can make the builder smarter as per the requirement of the customer.

Go Green is the new way to make a building smarter

In order to capture the interests of the customers nowadays, you need to opt for environment-friendly methods when constructing a house. For example, if you can add features like low power consumption electrical system, rainwater harvesting, advanced plumbing to save more water, all these features will attract more customers. Once these features are added during construction, the building will automatically become smarter.

Use VR instead of physical mock models

Reputed builders like Vasavi Builders Hyderabad, use modern technology like Virtual Reality (VR) to show the customers an entire view and blueprint of the property way before construction begins. This saves time as well as the need for rework. Once the designs and features are decided, the construction of the gated community apartments begins. Using such technologies also creates a platform where the builder and customer are transparent regarding their needs and deliveries.

Here are the top 3 ways a builder can opt to make their construction smarter and budget-friendly. If a builder provides a smarter home to the customers, the reputation of the builder will automatically improve.

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