What is Acid Reflux & How to Manage?

What is Acid Reflux & How to Manage?

Acid reflux refers to a burning sensation in the throat, below and abdomen. It occurs when the stomach acid flows back to the esophagus. The person may experience difficulty in swelling and pain. Acid reflux is a great nuisance and a source of inconvenience. 

How to Manage Acid Reflux?

Following steps can help in controlling acid reflux:

• Avoiding overeating

• Avoiding spicy food

• Avoiding fried foodstuffs

• Avoiding eating just before sleeping

• Avoiding to lie down just after eating

• Maintaining ideal weight

• Exercising regularly

• Quitting smoking which also improve your health

• Controlling coffee intake

• Wearing comfortable clothes which don’t exert pressure on the abdomen region

• Saying no the alcohol

• Consulting a doctor, if any particular medicine leads to acid reflux

• In case suffering regularly from acid reflux, one should maintain a record of food regularly eaten, to find which food is leading to acid reflux

Several factors are responsible for causing acidity such as lying down after eating, eating in a hurry, overeating, obesity, smoking, wearing tight clothes, etc. There are several foods and drinks which can trigger acid reflux such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate, peppermint tea, onion, garlic, fried food, spicy food, fizzy drinks etc. All these foods should be avoided as far as possible for controlling acid reflux. Taking Digene can help in improving the condition.

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