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Bridge the Gap between Goals and Results with Customized Training Solutions

Bridge the Gap between Goals and Results with Customized Training Solutions

Arjun Singh 614 27-Dec-2019

Employee training is a tricky domain. The task of training a workforce with eLearning solutions requires complete mastery over training content development, but that alone is not sufficient. There is also a need to excel at understanding organizational requirements that may vary greatly because of a number of factors – employee experience, the difficulty of training content and company expectations out of the eLearning endeavor. Most of the times, the desired objectives are not reached: not because of less efforts but due to a lack of coherence of training content with respect to company needs. The inability of an enterprise to develop customized training solutions is mostly the reason why there is a gap between set goals and the actual results.

Appropriate Custom eLearning Solutions are Elusive

Most eLearning companies have the required expertise in their domain, but they are still unable to deliver the work exactly as per clients’ expectations. The reasons lie in their inability to understand clients’ business. Have a look at some of the reasons:

1. An inability to understand clients’ vision

2. No particular approach towards training development

3. Lack of focus on organizational efficiency evaluation

4. Initiation of the design phase without proper analysis

Below are some steps that need to be followed for developing the most appropriate custom eLearning solutions for the clients:

1. Brainstorming or training need analysis before getting into the design phase

2. Consultative design approach to confer with clients at every step of the way in design and development process.

3. Access to all the latest technologies (AR, VR, Gamification etc.), so as to pick and choose the technology exactly as per clients’ expectations.

All these steps need to be performed to the best of one’s ability to ensure the desired results out of e learning training solutions. As not training development many companies are willing to put these efforts, it can be hard to find a vendor who can deliver as per your expectations.

MPS Interactive Advantage for Modern-Day Companies

MPS Interactive is one of the few companies in the world that excels at developing custom eLearning solutions with a focus on meeting clients’ exact requirements. To ensure every client is able to fulfil their desired objectives, it follows an ADDIE model that includes the following steps in the correct order: analysis of training requirements, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

Updated 27-Dec-2019
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