Facebook not loading: 3 tips to overcome this issue

Facebook not loading: 3 tips to overcome this issue

Facebook is the most beloved social media platform. Many users prefer to use it for sharing ideas and posting media content. Over the years Facebook has gone through a series of technological advancements. It was done with an aim to make this platform less vulnerable to technical issues. Theoretically speaking, Facebook is better than its counterparts, at least from a performance viewpoint. However, those who use Facebook too frequently are most likely to encounter loading issues with it. This blog is entirely dedicated to those who are currently dealing with Facebook not loading problem on the browser.

Tips no: 1- Clear the unwanted cache

Caches are very good maintaining the peak browsing experience over the period of time. But whenever the website gets updated, the cache failed to respond accordingly. Clearing the unwanted cache will allow your browser to fetch the updated website info. This will further help you overcome the loading issues with different website including your Facebook account.

Tips no: 2- Check system’s time and data connection

Inaccurate data and time on the system can halt various online applications and web pages at work. So it’s important for you to set your system with proper date and time. Furthermore, an unstable data connection can also cause Facebook loading issues. Use the third-party speed test suite to measure the data speed in real-time. If necessary, call your ISP to gain insight on the network-related issues so that you can patch up them effortlessly.

Tips no: 3- Avoid using Facebook in incognito mode

Are you using your Facebook account in incognito mode aka private window mode? If so, then this could cause Facebook’s disconnection with the server. Make sure to access your account in the normal browsing mode.

Try these workarounds in the first place every time when you encounter the loading issues. In case if you need technical help then feel free to inform Facebook live chat experts. Help seeker can dial our toll-free number in order to connect with our capable representatives. We use the best tool and resource to fix technical issues.

Last updated:1/12/2020 9:42:45 PM
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