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10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Scooter

10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Scooter

Positiv Foro 463 23-Dec-2019

1. Saving Time

Residents of big cities spending a lot of time commuting to work and back. Due to traffic jams and over-saturated traffic during peak hours, people are forced to leave their houses early in the morning and spend several hours on the roads.

Time is one of the most valuable resources, and electric scooters allow you to significantly save it regardless of what distances you have to travel. With an electric scooter, there is no need to depend on public transport (walk to the stop, wait for a bus or push in a crowded route).

On average, on a single charge, most scooters can overcome 15-20 miles. But there are also more 'long-range' models - for example, Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro is designed for 30 miles rides without recharging.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro passes 30 miles from one charge

There are also absolute monsters from the world of electric scooters - ZAXBOARD Titan can drive 50 miles, and Dualtron Thunder 5400W will overcome in economical mode on one charge up to 90 miles (however, its weight is 81lb).

If you work far from home than your electric scooter could go from one charge it is possible to get on it at least to metro or bus - still save a lot of time. Also, an electric scooter completely eliminates the problem of finding parking.

2. Economic efficiency

The huge plus of electric vehicles is their economic advantage compared to other means of transportation.

First, electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. On average, the electric scooter consumes approximately 280 watts per charging hour, taking 2 to 5 hours to fully charge. By simple calculations, we find out that in 5 hours the device consumes 1.4 kW of electricity (280 W × 5 = 1400 W). The average price people in the U.S. pay for electricity is about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, and therefore on average for full charging and the opportunity to drive 30-45 km you will have to spend only 16.8 cents!

The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline is $2.50. If you take the average consumption of 10 liters per 100 km, it turns out that 30 km of the car driving will cost 0.8 gallons of gasoline, which will cost 2$! The numbers speak for themselves - the benefit is obvious. Second, let 's remember the parking fees. 

Bottom of the most popular models of Ninebot Kickscooter ES2 costs less than 20 thousand rubles

In addition, the electric scooter itself can be purchased for a rather small amount. For example, iconBIT Kick Scooter TT costs only 12.5 thousand rubles. And the price of one of the most popular on the market models Ninebot Kickscooter ES2 starts from 19.5 thousand rubles.

3. High reliability

As a continuation of the topic of the economic benefits of the electric scooter, let us say about the low costs of its maintenance. More precisely, it hardly needs maintenance. Once a month, make sure the bolts are tightened and lubricate them if necessary. And that 's all. If you invest in a high-quality electric scooter, you will get a reliable machine with a manufacturer 's guarantee and protect yourself from possible breakdowns.

Even if you have to replace a wheel, flashlight, tire or broken mudguard, it 's nothing compared to the cost of maintaining and repairing a car.

4. Ease of Use

Learning how to ride an electric scooter is much easier than driving a bike or car. Anyone can master the electric scooter, regardless of skills and level of technical knowledge. You don 't even have to take special training to get the rights.

You can add better security compared to other, faster vehicles. Modern electric scooters are equipped with safety functions such as manual acceleration control, automatic power shutdown, rear disk braking mechanism, rear lights. To feel more confident on the road, you can even limit the maximum speed of the electric scooter.

In addition, some models, such as the Hiper RX120, are equipped with a saddle, which makes them even more convenient and easier to manage (about this scooter we wrote in detail here).

5. Agility and speed

On the electric scooter, it is easy to maneuver on winding roads and quickly move from one point to another. In addition, they can be used both on pedestrian and bicycle tracks and on public roads. Some scooters are even designed for cross country and rough terrains.

Monster from the world of electric 5400W Dualtron Thunder 85 develops speed up to 10 km/h

The average speed of the electric scooters varies from 15 to 20 mph. There are also high-speed models. For example, the ZAXBOARD Titan with two electric motors already mentioned has a speed of up to 30mph. And the Dualtron Thunder 5400W is already accelerating to an incredible 50mph. But we do not advise you to ride at such speed around the city.

6. Portability

Unlike motorcycles or most bicycles (not to mention cars), electric scooters are very portable.

Wellness Sambit Jack Hot - one of the lightest models, its weight - 6.3 kg

The advantages of using them are as follows:

Easy transportation (small weight and compact dimensions allow to take the electric scooter with you to public transport or office, to carry it in the trunk of the car);

The e-scooter is easy to fold and simply move from place to place or roll alongside. If you choose a suitable model, even a fragile girl will be able to lift and transfer the electric scooter;

Convenient storage - not only you don't need to take care of parking, you are automatically exempt from the need to buy/rent a garage or pay for parking. An electric scooter takes up less space than a motorcycle and even a bicycle.

7. Electric scooters are easy to charge

We have already touched on the topic of charging when we spoke about the advantage of electric scooters in terms of saving money. This mode of transport is not only cheap to charge - it is also very easy.

It can be charged from absolutely any electric socket (most importantly, use the original charger). It can be done at home, at work, even in a cafe.

Airwheel Z5 electric car fully charged in 2 hours

Electric scooters charge fast enough. Of course, there are models that need 5-8 hours (depends on battery capacity, load capacity, and other factors), but on average the scooter charges much faster. For example, Airwheel Z5 models will take no more than two hours to fully 'recover.'

8. An electric scooter is an environmentally friendly type of transport

If you 're concerned about environmental issues and want to do a bit more than just use less plastic, then buy an electric scooter.

In big cities, where the air is particularly contaminated with exhaust gases, electric scooters contribute to environmental care. The electric scooter does not emit carbon dioxide and consumes very little electricity.

Although electric scooters are not suitable to overcome very long distances, it is still a great way to care about nature.

9. Health Benefits

Electric scooters are a great way to keep yourself in tone. Especially if you haven't enough time for morning charging.

During the electric scooter ride the main groups of muscles - back, abdomen, upper and lower limbs are involved. This leads to their strengthening, which in turn improves the general state of the body and physical form. However, you don 't have to spin pedals hard like on a bike. Which means you 'll get to work without exhausting like after intensive training.

Plus, the fresh air instead of a stuffy bus crowded with people. Health care will become even more obvious, given that your travel partner in public transport may be a cold person.

10. It's fun and interesting!

Electric scooters are not only good for their practicality. For many, the scooter is primarily associated with childhood, so you can feel like a child again.

This means of transportation will give you the opportunity to re-learn your city by driving where the car will not travel, actively spend weekends, take walks with friends and even get acquainted with new people who, like you, are interested in driving on this progressive mode of transport.

With an electric scooter, you can maintain a good physical shape and just have fun spending time in a motion

Without exaggeration, an electric scooter will help you change your lifestyle, make it freer, more interesting and more fun.

If you are seriously thinking about purchasing an electric scooter, check out our latest article, where we have reviewed the 7 best electric scooters for the city.

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