India Assist - Personalized Assistance to Foreign Tourists Traveling in India

India Assist - Personalized Assistance to Foreign Tourists Traveling in India

Utterly brilliant, multicultural, engrossing, religious, and immense these words are sum up of India.

It is not just a destination but an experience. India can be overwhelming, busy and somewhat confusing at the same time. 

India is one of the most pleasant places to visit. It grants some truly astonishing, exceptional sights enriched with the culture that is unlike anything else in the world.

It also filled with gourmet food, rich cultural heritage, incredible nature with friendly and charismatic people to explore.

If you are visiting India for the first time it can be remarkable and daunting experience!

With its magnificent mix of architecture, traditions, festivals, panoramas, and spiritual beliefs, your remembrances of India will blaze glowing long after you've left its shores.

There is always an interrogative mark when to travel to the other land what happens when we fall into an unfortunate situation.

So in order to help or assist you while traveling to New Delhi in India, India Assist is always there for you.

India Assist is Personalized assistance to foreign tourists traveling in India helps you to travel carefree through its active ground assistance and distress management by our mobile application.

India assist renders the active ground assistance through call and chat about the information like suggestion current news and additional guidance you required.

India assist also provide assistance for the

  • medical assistance
  • Solution for the altercation
  • theft assistance
  • loss of personal belongings and
  • transit assistance

All you need to do is download the application via Play Store and Apple Store, fill your user and trip details before or meanwhile the travel.  

Meanwhile, your trip if you fall into an unfortunate circumstance you just need to click on the assistance button on the app to connect with our call assistance to provide assistance. 

Depend on the nature of your assistance we assign a team member that will help you towards the solution and make your trip hassle-free. 

India Assist is a one-stop platform that makes you trip to New Delhi hassle and stress-free with all required services. 

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India Assist is a one of a kind solution to a traveler's woes while travelling in India. We are a “First-Call Assistance” for any foreigner in distress, channelized through a mobile application. In simpler words, "India Assist" Mobile Application provides an assistance and distress management service to foreign tourists travelling in India by providing travel & tourism information (pan-India) and personalized Ground Assistance currently available in the city of New Delhi.


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