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Top .Net Interview Questions To Ask Before Hiring

Top .Net Interview Questions To Ask Before Hiring

Piyush Agrawal 1344 19-Dec-2019

Top .net interview questions to ask your next developer before hiring them

Are you searching for a .net developer for your IT department desperately? In case you get more number of applications for the .net job post, you want to get ready with a list of questions that can be asked during interview rounds for quick decisions. However, things would be not same if you don’t have a strong background in .net because without having knowledge of .net framework, you cannot select the best candidate.

To make your process simpler, here we got a list of interview questions that you must ask potential candidate and make your search more successful.

Few important notes to remember - When you are planning to interview a .net developer, you must have core knowledge about the programming. If you know nothing about the programming, get someone else from the team to conduct this interview. The conversations during interview get more technical without any signal.

Here we are sharing some questions. Hiring manager can make changes to these questions as per the requirement:

  1. Explain OOP and how it is connected with .net framework?
  2. Define encapsulation?
  3. How you explain the concept of inheritance? How it works in .net?
  4. How you differentiate an abstract class from an interface?
  5. Is a class and an object interrelated? Is there any difference between these two?
  6. Explain delegate in .net?
  7. Explain .net web service?
  8. How a stack and a queue are different from each other?
  9. Introduce JSON data and how .net developers work with it?
  10. When it is right to use .net web forms instead of MVC?
  11. What is managed and unmanaged code? How both are different from each other?
  12. How you introduce LINQ?
  13. Can you explain the terms “boxing” and “unboxing”?
  14. Name the three common acronyms used in .net?
  15. Can you explain the common acronyms developers use in .net?
  16. Constants and read-only variables share several similarities, can you tell one difference between the two?
  17. How .net and Laravel are different from each other?

Apart from this set of questions, there are other key areas that you must touch when evaluating .net developer giving interview for .net job. These areas are:

  • .Net project portfolio - past work or professional work done by the candidate.
  • Software development methodologies - how candidate approaches with other team members for projects.
  • Soft skills - Communication, time management, organization, collaboration are few skills to include in the list.

This is it! If you are looking for .Net Jobs in Rajkot, you can make yourself aware of these topics to get .net developer job in your desired company.

Updated 19-Dec-2019
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