How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

Since the inception of the smartphone revolution, clicking pictures has become our favorite obsession. No matter where we are, either vacationing with friends or relaxing at a café while enjoying the solitude, we simply can’t resist without capturing our beautiful moments. Thanks to the power of technology and innovation for making our smartphone’s camera well-equipped with high-resolution gear as we don’t have to carry bulky DSLRs wherever we go. So, if we have a smartphone who needs an additional camera for photography, right?

Just how our smartphone’s camera has advanced while it allows us to click high-resolution images, these images take up a considerable amount of storage space on your device. And we may not realize it, but we do click a ton of pictures from our phone. We all know what happens next, right? As soon as our device’s storage gets almost full, we move these pictures to our PC to store them in an organized manner.

But what if you want to resize a bunch of images on your PC? Manually resizing each and every single image stored on your PC sounds insanely tedious. Don’t worry! In this post, we have listed the most useful solution of how you can resize photos in bulk with the help of a nifty tool.

Let’s know all about this bulk image resizer tool and get a quick understanding of how it works.

Why Do We Need an Image Resizer Tool?

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

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Before we proceed on learning how to use the Image Resizer tool, let’s understand what produces the need for resizing images. Image resizing can come in demand at any moment, whether it’s about shrinking the image size, fitting the image in a website banner frame, sharing the image in a specified dimension or size, it may be anything. Resizing one or two images doesn’t take much of your time and effort. But when you have to resize images in bulk, say about a hundred or thousands of images at once, you might need a third-party tool that can get the job done for you.

Image Resizer Tool: The Perfect Solution to Resize Images in Bulk

A bunch of bulk image resizer tools is available online but, in this post, we will be discussing the Image Resizer tool. The Image Resizer tool is one of the most simplified solutions that make the process of batch resizing a piece of cake. Also, one of the biggest reasons what makes the Image Resizer tool a hit is the fact of it being compatible with both Windows and macOS.

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

So, yes, Image Resizer is the perfect tool that allows you to resize multiple images all at once. Here are a few more highlights of this tool that may help you in the image editing process.

Hassle-Free Resizing

Whether you want to resize a single image or bunch of them, the Image Resizer tool acts as the perfect platform where you can resize a batch if images without any hassle. The Image Resizer tool supports almost all image formats, so you simply have to upload a batch of images on this tool to get going through the process. Also, if you simply need to resize a batch of images without compromising the quality, Image Resizer tool is an ideal pick.

Adjust Image Orientation

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

Image Resizer tool offers you an advanced range of features that you can easily find and use through its clean interface. If offers all the resizing tools in once place including adjusting image orientation, setting a custom height or width of the image, rotate, flip and more.

Save in Different Formats

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

Yes, this nifty tool not only allows only acts as a bulk image resizer savior but also allows you to save these images in different formats (if required). The tool supports almost all major image formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TIF and more.

Organize your Photo Collection

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

Once you’re done with the task of resizing a batch of images, the Image Resizer tool also offers you an option where you can save your images in specific folders and locations to keep your photo collection streamlined.

Stores Logs

How Do I Resize Photos in Bulk on Windows 10?

Also, you will be glad to know that the Image Resizer tool stores the log information of each batch resizing session for reviewing purposes. The log information basically contains information like the number of images resized, total time taken to resize images, total space saved and so on. 

So yes, as we said earlier, the Image Resizer tool is an all-in-one solution and one of the best bulk image resizer tools available online. Resizing a batch of images was never this simpler! (True story)

Now whenever you need to resize a bunch of images, you know where to reach out, right?

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