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Does laughing gas work for all?

Does laughing gas work for all?

Does your child gleefully visits the pediatric dentist?

Does your child eagerly waits for its turn in pediatric dental office?

Have you completed his/her dental treatment, or left it midway?

Do you follow up with, childrens dentist near you every 3 months; 6months?

If the answers were NO, then you may want to know, the story of a 4 yr old, with a long history of dental treatment for last 3 months. 

The child went through his dental treatment on the chair 5 times by using physical restraints, being treated forcefully, with the father and additional staff holding him on the chair, not allowing him to move, and attempting extensive procedures like root canal treatment in children.

Parents quote "All his visits, he departed crying, without any substatial treatment or relief in his tooth pain.

So, what happened in the bargain, Did the dental procedure for the child reach completion, NO. 

The child started avoiding dental visits, because the mere thought of the dental chair, dentist, was traumatising, well such is the psychological impact of a not so friendly dental experience, which will eventually carry into adulthood, and eventually leads to Dental Neglect not only during childhood but even into adulthood

Since dental cavities is a progressive disease, the delayed dental treatment leads to invasive procedures in more teeth now, that could have been managed with simple fillings 3 months back, now need extensive procedures like root canals and crowns only due to the delay caused in delivering playful dental care. 

Last but not the least this eventually adds up to the dental expenses of your child.

The child finally reported to us, as we practice exclusive pediatric dentistry. Parents were appreciative of us as childrens dentist, (pediatric dentist) with all the audio visual aids for distraction and child friendly ambience. 

We did attempt the oral examination under laughing gas and tried to gain the childs trust, and all went well, with parents motivated. 

The treatment was planned next day under NOIS but did not go well as planned. The noxious stimuli, which includes the noise of the air rotor, suction tip brought back the plethora of dental fears to the child. The child started squirming even under the effect of laughing gas. 

Our treatment visit failed, since we did not want the child to spiral down the rabbit hole filled with fear. 

So we discussed the other routes of sedation with the parents, who had wholeheartedly trusted us. 

After prelimanary investigations and a fitness check by the childs physician, we planned his full mouth rehabilation under i.v sedation alongside our anesthetist with almost 20 years of experience and more. The parents had already interacted with the anesthetist before deciding on the same.

The procedure went well for the next 54 minutes, under rubber dam isolation and the the child was fit orally with definative treatments including root canals, crowns and use of cavity fighting liquid wherever necessary, keeping your worries at bay until his teeth fall at the age of 11-12yrs of age.*

The only memory the child had was, his father holding him while achieving an i.v acess. So the child is cooperative at follow ups and most importantly trusts us with his dental health. 

Take away for parents

Establish dental home with us, as early as soon as your childs first tooth appears. 

To know more?

Ealry interventions are less invasive, child friendly and helps instill a positive dental attitude in the child.

*Follow ups are equally important for us to help you with the anticipatory guidance, with regards to the childs oral health.

See it, to believe it.


Dr Abhishek S Soni 

Kids dentist in pune

Chief Pediatric dentist 

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Updated 12-Dec-2019
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