Fast charging Smartphone in 2019

Fast charging Smartphone in 2019

If you are thinking that you can get all rich-features in one phone it is possible but if you think that you can get all the features other than Honor this has got to be some sort of joke. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the ability of a smartphone with respect to battery power and charging ability. Since we switched from the tireless bricks of the early days to get charged your smartphone, today we have come over this issue and get power-thirsty smartphones. You’ve no doubt that only fair few hours are needed to plug your smartphone into the mains.

Here we will discuss the battery power Honor 9X specs with other smartphone brands. If you’re charging habits are anything like mine, no wait for long hours for charging phone then you have to pick a suitable phone from Honor models because so far this brand is providing some unique and versatile battery options with a power-packed guarantee.

How much battery power is required?

After applying some simple math to an iPhone Xs, as an example, we have noticed that there is no need to wait for long hours because this phone is a bit similar to Honor 9X having fast charging ability. Similar to other iPhone models it turns out that the cost of charging your device, for an entire year would be very small. It’s a similar story or we can say that you can get almost the same results in case if you have an Android, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 with its standard Samsung adaptive fast charger and USB-C cable for instance.

Some surprising facts

If we have a look at Honor 9X, as the best android phone 2019, it is provided with 4000mAH power-packed battery which is extremely amazing and works for long hours. The fast charging option available in this smartphone can save your maximum time. You just have to wait for an hour with a 10.55 W fast charger to get your phone able to work with 100% charging.

Look at the iPhone Xs, we know it comes with a 5W (0.005 kilowatts) charger that is equipped with a 2658 mAh battery up from empty to full. The maximum time it took to get charged is roughly 3.05 hours. Hell, this is too much with such a standard phone. So, multiply the 3.05 power time with the 5W charger, giving you a total of 15.25W. This is a large amount of electricity, your phone will sips to get fully charged which is not suitable.

Likewise, a Samsung Galaxy S9 non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery, is quite better than the iPhone model which will charge in around 2.30 hours from 0% to full. This is pretty good but not so much efficient. Take the 2.30 charge time and multiply it with the 11.55W (0.01155 kilowatts) fast charger output, your best smartphone will take 26.56W of electricity from the grid.

With conclusive remarks, I would say that from above mentioned three options, Honor 9X is far better in battery specs.

Last updated:5/27/2020 3:39:11 AM
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