Best Selling Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Adult Size

Anyone would like to buy things like gadgets, clothes and wrist watches but nobody actually wants to buy a cremation urn. Why ?. Because it is required when you loses someone you love the most, no matter your near and dear ones or your pets .

Today, in this post I would like to share some of the best selling cremation urns that one needs to buy when they loses their loved ones.

When we can choose to gift any article for your dear ones when they are alive, then why not an urn for their everlasting memories when you lose them. 

So, without wasting any time let me share some of the top selling urns for human ashes and at the same time, you can also use these cremation urns for your large pets like dogs , cats and other animals as well. 

Based on the search volumes and customer based feedback, below are some of the top 5 cremation urns that are most recommended by the buyers .

The top most urns which is currently the talk of the town due to its finish and shape is the Teardrop cremation urn followed by the  next most beautiful funeral urn for ashes , Mother Of Pearl Urn In Brass .

Best Selling Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Adult Size

                                                         Teardrop Urn

Best Selling Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Adult Size

                                                   Mother Of Pearl Urn

The speciality of both the urns are that, they are 100% handmade in metal and one has a shape of  tear drop in glossy silver nickle plated finish and another one is made of Mother Of Pearl ( Cow Horn Chips ) with gold lacquered finish in brass metal . Both the urns are extremely beautiful and they look like a home decor piece rather a jar to hold ashes of a deceased. 

Teardrop urn is 13 inch size and that's basically an extra large size which holds ashes up to 290 CU per Inch or 4.8 in litres . where as MOP urns holds ashes up to 220 CU / Inch .

Now that, we have disclosed the top 2 urns, now lets move forward to another set of urns that is Black Elegance cremation urn followed by Lavender Bloom cremation urns. You can find these urns by searching for their name either on google or amazon. 

Please be informed that every urn has its own capacity. So, please read the details of the urns carefully before placing the order. You should be well ware of the size and weight of the person before and after cremation. 

Before we finish of this article let me showcase my last and final urn that people like to the most , Hummingbird urn. 

Best Selling Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Adult Size

                              HummingBird Urn

Hummingbird urn is available on amazon as well on SIMCS Handicrafts store. This urn is gorgeous with blue enamel finish and a high definition picture of a humming bird sitting on the flowers. The size is 10 inches holding ashes up to 210 CU / Inch .

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