The Anatomy of an Effective Executive

The Anatomy of an Effective Executive

It is definitely a positive thing when your company grows. The increase in revenue, clients, and people who work for you are all good news. This is the part where the company finally sees the fruits of its labor.

However, one problem that arises is the management of this growth. When you’ve fully exhausted all the ripe people you’ve trained for an executive position, it is now time to hire an effective executive.

Hiring for entry level and mid-level positions in your company is a totally different process in hiring executives. You have a lot to take into consideration when searching, processing, and accepting applications for the said executive position.

Some of the practices you can look into the person you’re eyeing for include developing action plans, taking responsibility for small to huge decisions, seeing the need for open and effective communication, and running productive meetings.

As an executive, the person should also think more of “we” than “I.” This simply means that every action and decision they make doesn’t only affect them. Rather, it’s about understanding the brevity of the position without getting pressured with the responsibilities.

Although there’s a template about the anatomy of effective executive, these are just some points to consider when hiring one. At the end of the day, an effective executive knows how to get the right things done.

Next, hiring an effective executive has to blend in the company’s culture as well. It’s quite hard to assess this in the application and interview process since it’s about the recruiter’s gut feel. Initially, you can ask situation questions about how they handle things. In this behavioral type of questions, you get to have a peek on how they look, assess, think, and execute when there’s an issue or problem that arises in the company, especially in crucial moments.

Lastly, see to it that the potential executive fits with the other executives in the company. Since he or she will be a part of the board, the immediate clicking with these other executives is a must. Knowing key industry issues and executive challenges should be in the applicant too because you’re hiring for an executive and not an entry-level position.

You can ask the other executives when you’re about to hire someone. They can have an entirely different look at the applicant that you don’t see as a recruiter.

On your end, you also need to identify and set at the very beginning of the process what you’re looking for. Create a set of values an applicant must possess. Define the correct job description so it’s clear for you and the applicants. And then, use this job description to modify the interview questions. Furthermore, you can also evaluate non-tangibles like personality, attitude, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

As a recruiter, you don’t want to hire someone who’s not yet ready to manage people, let alone make decisions for the company’s welfare. In this infographic by Manila Recruitment, know the appearance, skills, behavior, and background you should look into when hiring for an executive position.

The Anatomy of an Effective Executive

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