Why Become a Digital Marketing Franchise Agent

Why Become a Digital Marketing Franchise Agent

If McDonald’s can franchise its burgers, products, brand and services to anyone, why can’t a digital marketing agency do the same?

In one of the most competitive markets, digital agencies are looking to gain an extra edge by offering franchise opportunities. But not to ‘franchise’ the business and its like products, like McDonald’s. It’s to franchise sales agents.

Unlike McDonald’s and a host of other digital agencies, there is a new model in the game: digital marketing franchise agents. This position is proving hugely successful for many digital agencies, and here we breakdown the demands of the role, the compensation, and how it benefits would-be agents.

What Does The Position Entail?

The role is about promoting and signing-up potential clients for the services provided by the digital marketing company, such as SEO, social media, branding, and so forth.

As an agent, you will be selling the benefits of the digital marketing company, and getting clients to sign up for their services. Once completed, you will hand off the client to the company, where they will provide the agreed-upon services, and handle the client’s needs.

What About Compensation?

There are many different methods of compensation when it comes to being a digital marketing franchise agent. In most cases, the payment includes:

● Residual payments from selling the services

● Receiving vendor pricing for services and reselling them for higher margins to your clients, thereby earning a profit

● Monthly payments for the role

● A combination of both upfront and recurring monthly payments

Depending on the marketing agency you have signed up with, your compensation model will vary. Make sure that you thoroughly discuss all the finer details of how you will be compensated.

What Are The Benefits Of Such A Program?

As an agent, you get to enjoy the following benefits:  

● You will be backed by a powerful brand

If the digital marketing company that you work for is a household name with a lot of branding power, then you’ll notice your job will be easier than expected. Clients are more likely to sign up with you if they know your company is one of the biggest in the industry.

● You will undergo training

Don’t expect to be throw in the wolf’s den. You will be trained by experienced marketing professionals that are experts in their field. You will gain a full understanding of their services and be ready to take on any challenge.

● You’ll get ongoing support

If you are struggling to put a stranglehold on your job, you can get backing and more support from the company. You’ll have ongoing support the whole time.

● You will be your own boss

How much you want to work, and how little you want to work is down to you. You are your own boss when it comes to being a digital marketing franchise agent.

● There is no limit to your potential earnings

You could earn thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more clients you collect, the more money you’ll make. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

● Receive access to proven resources

If a dominant company backs you, you’ll have access to all their resources. That can prove beneficial for signing clients and using those services for your own volition. The company will also be the ones doing the hard work; you’re just a middle-man.

● No monthly overhead expenses or fixed costs

You’re an agent that works your own hours, so you don’t have to worry about any monthly payments to cover for your job.

A New Challenging Opportunity In The Works

For a digital marketing franchise agent, the opportunity to make money, be your own boss, and work with an established enterprise can prove hugely beneficial for your career. Forget franchising McDonald’s; take your career to the next level by becoming a digital marketing franchise agent.

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