Why do Smart People Face Hurdles in Being Successful

Why do Smart People Face Hurdles in Being Successful

A few years ago, many people thought that success has a simple formula that is the higher the IQ the higher the rate of success. But somehow this formula turned out to be erroneous. It is recently discovered that no doubt success depends on the threshold competency of a person to an extent but depends more on the other factors too. These factors might include the consistency of doing the right thing, will power and emotional intelligence.

Why do intelligent people underperform?

We have often observed that intelligent people somehow perform less than what is expected. Here are some reasons:

1. They over investigate

An intelligent person is always the one who over analyzes things and tries to prepare him/her self for every consequence that might happen and might not happen. While on the other hand, a dumb person who is mostly considered less smart or less qualified doesn’t even care about what will happen.

All they know is that they need to do this not more not less, their attitude helps them remain calm, relax and confident too; which automatically improves their results and they become more successful than others.

2. They choose their intelligence and ignore their weakness

The people with higher IQ always focus on their intelligence and neglect their weaknesses. Smarter people try to improve their intelligence more and more. While one should always work on improving their weakness and change it to their strength instead. For instance, there may be a student in a class who is a good essay writing service London but not good at arts and crafts. He can always practice and focus on learning the arts instead of ignoring it. Remember, Success is a two-way process you should focus on your strength but never forget that weakness comes along.

3. They have ego problems

Many people think that they have no competition in comparison with others or they are irreplaceable. In our school or colleges, we often hear students say that this game is good just because they play it and many similar things.

But they did not know that the ego makes reality ineffective. All the factors like determination, strength, emotional attachments can be improved and it becomes more enhanced every day. You should always talk to someone and ask for their advice and work on it.

4. Practice makes a man perfect; they underestimate its power

They give preference to theory more than practical. There are many cases in which the theories didn’t turn out to give the output they were supposed to. You must have heard the ways of learning and approaches etc but when you try to implement them; they are not practical these days. This is why one should always go with the practical approaches, and mould it according to their preferences.

5. Change terrifies them

Change is essential, change is important because if you do not change yourself or your ways or approaches you cannot get successful. Intelligent people are afraid of change because they want things to be the same and they enjoy a monopoly all their lives. But with time everyone needs to change their strategies, their thinking and every other thing otherwise your competitor will beat you.

6. They do not learn from their mistakes, they avoid them

You often hear success stories of people and think that they are so lucky they have this, they have that, etc. But you never look behind how many times they have failed for being where they are now. Some smart people instead of learning from their mistakes try to avoid them. These practices, for the time being, give them a sense of relief but in the long term, they might face a lot of negative effects later.

7. They think they are entitled to everything

Smart people think that they do not deserve anything; instead, they work for what they want. On the other hand, common people think they deserve everything and they get what they need because these people think they can have anything they need.

So one should always think ways of getting what they want instead of thinking they can’t get it.

8. They are attracted by too many goals

In today's world, everyone wants to get successful, and this could be a drawback too because there are plenty of things that a person wants to do but is unable to prioritize. That’s the reason it is said that you set your goal after prioritizing and deciding what you want to achieve and focus on it until you achieve it. Then move towards another one. Working on two goals at once will lead you to nowhere.

9. They lack emotional intelligence and social intelligence as well

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

As we are aware of the fact that there are many recent discoveries regarding being successful and one of them is EQ. People used to think that IQ is the only thing that is required by a person to get successful but EQ has its benefits and importance and plays a major role in once success. For instance, If a person has a higher IQ but doesn’t know how to recognize the emotions of other people and how to react to it. What do you think can be successful?

Social Intelligence

Likewise emotional intelligence, Social intelligence is also underrated. But it has more influence on the success of people. You must be thinking about what is meant by social intelligence. It is the ability to get along with people. It helps a person to know oneself and others as well through their experiences and it can be improved too.

They think success is gifted or maybe a magic

Success is not magic, it’s not like you say some sort of magic words or jingle and *BOOM* it is here! It’s not like this. Success requires a lot of hard work, Practice, and improvements. If you want to be successful keep on learning and improving yourself.

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