5 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money In 2020

5 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money In 2020

Making extra money in 2020 is a piece of cake thanks to the new gig economy. From rideshare services to online publication there are more options to earn a quick extra buck than ever before.

Drive For Ride-Share Services

Driving for ride-share services like Uber and Lyft may not be glamorous, but it is definitely profitable. Not only that, it’s the perfect gig job to do in your free time.

On average you will make between $8.50 and $11.50 an hour driving for Lyft or Uber after all expenses, according to research done by NPR. That may not be a lot, but you can increase your average pay by working during the busiest hours.

Uber and Lyft’s accessibility is their biggest strength. As long as you have a car younger than 15 years old(depending on location) and a clean driving record, you can become an Uber or Lyft driver.

So don’t wait, start earning some extra cash today. 

Write For Online Publications

There are a number of online publications that accept submissions from the public. This means as long as your content is high quality and fits the requirements of the site you can get published.

Writing for online publications is one of the best options for college students looking for extra money. Not only will you get paid to improve your writing skills, but you will also be adding to your resume.

Some online publications that accept submissions from outside sources include:

  • Poetry Foundation 
  • Slate 
  • Carve Magazine
  • Story
  • Ideomancer
  • Brevity
  • SeekingAlpha

Personally, I began writing for the stock market analysis website seekingalpha.com during my final year at college. I couldn’t recommend the experience enough for young job seekers who are looking to learn and add to their writing experience. Hiring managers are impressed by freelance writing, it shows initiative and a willingness to work hard in your free time.


If you are a really adept writer looking for more than just a couple extra bucks, then perhaps self-publication is right for you.

In 2020, online self publishing is flourishing. In fact, according to Publisher’s Weekly online self-published titles rose by some 40% in 2018 to over 1.65 million.

Competition may be fierce in online self-publication, but there are many resources out there to help you get published, illustrate your work, and even edit or proofread your content.

Many self-publishers turn this part-time gig into a full-time career after their books see success as well.

Learn A Trade

This may not be like the other options on this list, but sometimes if you want to make extra money, it pays to learn a skill.

Finding the skills and interests you already have and getting the training to make them pay is a fun way to earn.

For example, if you love the ocean you can learn to be a commercial diver in just 7 months of part-time training and start adding to your income on the weekends by cleaning the bottoms of boats. Commercial divers are paid on average over $28.59/hour.

If you are more of a fashionista you might try an eyelash extension course. There you can learn to professionally affix eyelashes online. The skills you learn can land you a job at a local lash studio or beauty salon. Or even better, you can start your own part-time lash business to make extra money on the side.

Sometimes learning a new skill may be the only way to significantly increase your income.

Rent Out Your Place

Renting out your apartment or house in 2020? There’s an app for that.

Everyone has heard of Airbnb and its meteoric rise, but many people are still afraid to take the leap and rent out their apartment or home.

Renting out your place while you are away is a great way to earn some extra cash, but if you aren’t willing to take the risk, you can also rent out just a single room and make some good money without having to leave town.

Fortunately, there are many services out there to get the job done, even if you aren’t an Airbnb fan.

  • Airbnb alternatives:
  • Flipkey
  • Turnkey
  • HomeAway
  • VRBO

If you don’t own your apartment or home, you can still gain some rental income to help pay the bills by getting a roommate. There are a number of services that can help you in the process of finding a roommate who you actually get along with. 

  • Roommate Websites: 
  • Roomster
  • Craigslist
  • Roomi
  • Roommates.com

When it comes to making extra money, in 2020 there is a multitude of amazing options. From writing to renting out your apartment to driving for ride-share services, spending your free time earning is more accessible than at any time in history.

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