How to Choose a Good Badminton Racket?

How to Choose a Good Badminton Racket?

A racket is the most important equipment in Badminton. Therefore, to become a better player in the court and batter your opponent, you would have to purchase a good badminton racket. However, choosing the ideal racket can be quite intimidating if you are a junior player or a novice in this aspect. Therefore, if you are looking to get some help with this issue, then make sure to check out the following points.

The Overall Weight of the Racket

Checking the weight of a badminton racket is quite essential, especially if you are a beginner. If your racket is too heavy, then it would be difficult for you to swing it properly. Therefore, you will not be able to generate more power while smashing the shuttlecock.

If you are a beginner, then you should always go for the rackets, which weigh between 83g to 90g. Because of being lightweight, they are much easier to swing and control. Thus, with these rackets, you can produce a moderate amount of power and recover quite quickly.

The Balance Point of the Racket

With regards to the balance point, the badminton rackets are generally categorized into three different sections, which are head-heavy, head-light, and even-balanced. The experienced players, who like to play from the back of the court, generally use head-heavy rackets to generate more power. However, if you are a beginner, then you would face problems while using these rackets as they are technically quite heavy.

On the other hand, the head-light badminton rackets do not weigh much. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you can swing them quite comfortably. Due to the lighter feeling, they are also quite maneuverable. However, with them, it will be quite difficult for you to generate much power.

The even-balanced rackets are considered to be perfect for both the beginners as well as the intermediate players. Due to their ideal weight, they can generate a lot more power than the head-light rackets. Because of the same reason, they are also quite swift and mobile.

The flexibility of the Racket Shaft

In terms of importance, the flexibility of the Racket’s shaft is crucial as its weight or balance. Therefore, while buying a new racket, make sure to keep this factor, too, in your mind.

Regarding flexibility, the experts generally categorize a racket into two parts, stiff shaft, and flexible shaft. If you are a novice and have only started to learn the game of badminton, then it would be better for you to use a flexible racket. However, while going for power smashes, you might face some issues with this type of racket.

On the other hand, the stiff-shaft rackets are a bit tougher to use as they generally feel somewhat heavy. However, if you are a seasoned player and can generate enough power manually, then using a stiff-shaft racket would be ideal for you. Therefore, while playing, it will enable you to unleash powerful shots to cause problems to your opponent.

Grip Size

Gripping the racket correctly is very important in the field of badminton. If you do not grip the equipment properly, then it will be almost impossible for you to generate power while striking the shuttlecock.

Therefore, before opting for any badminton racket, make sure to check if the size of its grip is ideal for your hand. If you think that the gripping section feels thicker in your palm, then it would be better for you to abandon that racket.

String Tension

If you tend to use more force while unleashing your strokes, then you will require tight and more tensed strings. However, if you like to use skillful strokes, then it would be better for you to moderately tightened strings.

You can test the tension of the strings by pressing your fingers and palm against it. If it does not sink deeper than 1mm, then the racket should be ideal for you.

Your job does not end after buying an ideal racket. Along with this, you would also have to maintain it properly. Otherwise, the racket would not last for much time.

Apart with the above, there are also other things which you should take care like wearing good badminton shoes, proper sports wear, etc. 

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