Coinsclone launches Cryptocurrency Wallet application for Android Devices!

Coinsclone unveiled its new crypto venture of proffering Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile application for the clients. It showcased its launch of ERC20 Token demo wallet with high-loaded security features in it.

The crypto world is currently surrounded by hacks predominantly. Traders from various global locations have lost a desirable amount of money. To eliminate this kind of security breaches, Coinsclone has come forward and built an application to get rid of these issues.

They have launched the mobile application exclusively for Android initially. The mobile app is free to download globally, subject to country or region availability by Google Play Store and App Store.

“We have launched our Wallet Demo Application to facilitate the safe storage of traders cryptocurrencies and the private keys. We have fixed all the bugs and have enhanced the performance of the application”, reported the Senior Official at Coinsclone. 

After the successful launch of cryptocurrency exchanges for their clients for the past six years, their new application initiation has been effectively deployed among various top-level industries. 

The major motto of Coinsclone is to create futuristic Blockchain solutions for their clients across the globe. The enterprise provides high-end scaled outcomes which are the most need expectations from the clients.

Coinsclone’s recent mobile demo application launch has feature-packed solutions to enable smooth trading to its customers. Initially, they have supported Ethereum cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens in their application.

Senior Official at Coinsclone conveyed “At Coinsclone, we have a set of well-experienced developers who made this possible. Most of our clients were expecting our demo application for Cryptocurrency Wallet and hence we have made a customized mobile application for them”.

Here are the primary features of the Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile Application:

24*7 Usage

Secured wallet system

Security options such as 2FA, Fingerprint scanner and Face recognition

Deposit & Withdraw funds anytime.

Custom token integration from the user end.

“We were constantly working on the security feature for our crypto exchange platform. Thus, to make it more secure we scheduled to develop a separate mobile application for Crypto Wallets. We discussed with our expert team on this and here we have the mobile application launched exclusively to get rid of security issues!” stated the Senior Official. 

Coinsclone’s Cryptocurrency Wallet Application features a first of its kind complete set of tools even for newbies who have just started with the crypto trading. 

The Senior Official also added that “We have currently launched the mobile application to support Android devices. We collect the feedbacks and would bring forth a completely secure and feature-packed application which supports both Android and iOS in the future”.

About Coinsclone

Coinsclone is the Top-Tier Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company with rich expertise in Blockchain solutions. Cryptocurrency developers at Coinsclone have sound knowledge and skills to bring forth high-end pristine outcomes for global clients. Coinsclone’s exchange solutions come up with the features of the automated trading bot, trade engine, multiple trading currencies, KYC & AML integration, Escrow Systems, etc.

  Modified On Dec-03-2019 06:53:04 AM

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