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Magento 1 vs Magento 2,

Magento 1 vs Magento 2,

Achir Saxena 861 25-Nov-2019
Magento has always been one of the best e-commerce platforms, offering great functionality in its services and products. That's why more than 20,569 sites use Magento for your business. 
With the release of Magento 2, the question has arisen as to whether switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is important or not. In this article, I am going to answer the above-mentioned question and we will see how Magento 2 is better than Magento 1?

Magento 1 and Magento 2 Overview:
Magento is “open source e-commerce written in PHP”. In other words, Magento is an e-commerce platform based on open source technology. Magento was originally founded by Varien Inc., a U.S. private company based in Calver, California, and a development office in Kiev, Ukraine. The company officially released its beta version in August 2007. eBay was created as an independent company in November 2015 by the new private equity fund Permira. Magento 2 was officially released in the same month. 

Magento offers a flexible shopping cart system and controls the design, content, and functionality of e-commerce stores. It is recognized as the leading e-commerce platform in Europe's top 1000 Internet retailers, B2B 300 and 500 in 2017. Magento targets small and medium-sized enterprises, which over the years have been able to capture the e-commerce industry of small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, more than 25% of global e-commerce stores work in different versions of Magento. 
Now, Let see in what ways Magento 2 is better than Magento 1?
Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 in the following ways, for example: 
  •  Magento 2 provides 50% faster page load than Magento 1 
  •  Magento 2 checkout is 38% faster than Magento 1 
  •  Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 can accept more than 117% of orders per hour. 
  • Magento 2 handles 2.1 million page views per hour 
  • Magento 2 has improved security features compared to Magento 1 
  • Magento 1 supports earlier versions of PHP 5.6 or earlier, while Magento 2 supports the latest versions of PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2.
Some new features of Magento 2.2
Magento 2.2 is a new version of Magento 2. It has several good features that you don't want to miss. 

 1. B2B Features
1.1 Corporate Account Management 
Magento 2.2 has a new account management function for online store managers and customers. This tool allows you to request and manage your business account. You can classify and organize customer information as needed. This includes the ability to import and export customer lists and assign sales representatives to manage the accounts. This allows users to view or edit information. 

1.2 Instant Purchase 
Instant purchase is another great feature of Magento 2.2. Reduces the time to shop in online stores. The fact is that most B2B customers already know what they want to buy and even fall into the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the product. They do not have time to browse product descriptions and images. This feature allows customers to place orders as soon as possible by entering the SKU or uploading a CSV file with the required data. 

However, the CSV file must have two columns, one for the SKU and the other for the quantity. Once you specify the SKU or upload CSV, Magento verifies the SKU and sends a notification to the customer, regardless of whether the product is available or not. You can specify one SKU or enter multiple SKUs at the same time. 

1.3 Requisition List
As a seller, you can create different lists of products that you buy frequently in your store and assign them to specific customers. Your customers can now request a list button by providing an SKU for the product, copying a completed order, or adding a product Add a product from the category and product pages to each list. The requisitions list displays the product name, SKU, price, and subtotal. You can change the number of each product on the page. You can also create and manage different application lists from the front end. 

1.4 Quote Engine 
As a merchant in Magento 2.2, you can filter selections, use the search function to find different offers and customize them. You can view quotes and quotation-related communications updates in your history. Proposal several times until you are ready to send it to your B2B customers. With the Quote feature, your customers can also request a quote in the shopping cart. They can add support comments and documentation as needed, and track their status. As a merchant, you can also view information about total cost data, calculate and apply discounts, negotiate with your B2B customers to understand product prices and shipping conditions. 

1.5 Credit Purchases for B2B Customers 
In the past, PayPal and credit card payments are the only way customers can pay in Magento without using extended payments. However, Magento 2.2 comes with a credit payment option. With this feature, you can easily configure store credit options, allowing you to manage purchase conditions for B2B customers. Some credit payment adjustments include minimum and maximum order limits, credit limits for certain countries, etc. 

Credit payment methods have fully configured credit limits and conditions available to selected B2B customers. As a trader on the Magento 2 platform, you will be able to monitor the credit data of your customers. You can specify limits between accounts and allow them to also exceed existing credit limits. This specifies that trusted customers can exceed their purchase credits and other customers who are less familiar with their accounts. B2B customers can also track the status of their personal credit limit information by entering the PO (Purchase order) number. 

 1.6 Custom catalogs and price-lists 
Magento 2.2 Custom Catalog and Price List features allow you to control the prices, products, and categories displayed to your customers. With it, you can create different price lists and assign them to your B2B customers. You can have a separate default public price list that unsigned users can see. You can restrict the display of products or categories at some prices and set prices based on discounts or custom values. 

1.7 API update for easy ERP integration 
Magento 2 API updates make it easy to connect new versions to existing ERP services. The new API also allows you to easily update product prices. 

2. Improve performance 
2.1 Improved speed performance 
 Magento 2.2 provides a smooth and perfect experience for your customers. 

2.2 Pipeline Deployment Process 
This feature allows you to export configurations from one location to another while enabling separate build and development phases that can be run separately. 

2.3 Enhanced Indexing 
Enhanced indexing allows customers to browse and buy products from the stores while the indexer is running without causing any slowdown. Long-running indexers are grouped, allowing them to better manage memory and runtime. 

2.4 Extended Reports 
 Magento 2.2 provides a dynamic and easy-to-use update reporting module. Allows sellers to create dashboards that contain important data for products, orders, and customers using different metrics. 

2.5 Shopping Cart Enhancement 
Magento 2.2 improves the shopping cart, which will make it easier for your customers to shop. With the enhanced shopping cart, you can manage up to 300 lines of items or products in the cart at the same time. This increase will help buyers who wish to make bulk purchases. 

3 Improved Security
3.1 Integrated protection against signifyd fraud 
Signifyd is a tool that provides fraud protection and filtering for online store owners. In the past, it only worked with extensions, but now it's built into Magento 2.2. This is done to ensure that all traders can sell more by limiting fraudulent sales on the platform. It provides a detailed real-time machine learning algorithm that helps store owners reject a small number of orders, reduce manual reviews and recover lost revenue from fraud. 

 It has automatic order filling and fraud filtering, automatic rejection of fraudulent orders. It has chargeback insurance that returns your loss of revenue, so you can earn more profits while selling with less risk. 

3.2 Delete non-serialized calls 
Non-serialized calls are removed to avoid security vulnerability issues in Magento 2.2. 

 3.3 Updating Hash Algorithms 
Hash algorithms are updated to improve the security of sensitive values. 

 4. Improve website reports 
There are so many Magento report extensions because the feature is not available on the platform. However, Magento 2 has advanced reporting capabilities by default: 

4.1 Enhanced Reports Dashboard 
 Magento 2.2 allows users to view detailed reports on different parts of their website. They can view reports of product and order data, customer traffic and activity, etc., providing the information merchants need to make important decisions when managing their website. 

4.2 Business Analysis 
 Magento 2.2 allows you to integrate data from the Magento store with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a popular website analytics tool used by e-commerce companies on the Internet. It helps track data accurately, helping merchants know which parts of your website are performing well and what will help you improve your website's reporting capabilities without using extensions. You can set specific metrics and dimensions for website tracking and integrate Google AdWords with your Magento store. 

From the above discussion, it is clear that how Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 and If you are still using Magento 1 for your store, then you should rethink and start the migration as soon as possible. The fact is that Magento from June 2020 is going to end their support for Magento 1. This means that no security patch will be released and Magento will stop working internally. Deciding to migrate to Magento 2 is not an easy task. It's a lot of work because it's basically going to redesign your site. If you are going to do a great job on your site, you may consider upgrading to Magento 2 immediately to save costs and time. If you want to how to migrate to Magento 2? then read How to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2?

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