How can FSDT help you if you need financial assistance?

How can FSDT help you if you need financial assistance?

At any time of your life, you need financial assistance. Countries in the first world have many resources for financial assistance; however, in less developed countries, there is very little or none giving this kind of service. Tanzanians are lucky; for them, financial assistance is not a problem as the best source is just around the corner - FSDT (Financial Sector Deepening Trust). This organization has been a great help.

About FSDT

FSDT can help you if you need financial assistance as it is even more than a financial service. It develops market systems to provide maximum advantages to underserved individuals, families and business enterprises by equipping them with competencies and options to upgrade their lives.

Help from FSDT for financial assistance

A broad range of financial instruments are used by FSDT to provide for financial assistance: loans, grants and guarantees.

• Loan

Money is lent from the organization and borrower is obligated to pay back or repay an equal amount of money at an agreed time.

• Grant

It is a form of financial assistance that does not need any payment based on the specifications of the given grant.

• Guarantee

The warranty given allows a person to obtain credit making the guarantor answerable for debt if the creditor does not pay.

FSDT’ market development approaches to provide better financial assistance,

1. Assists the needs of rural and urban enterprises to avail of financial services.

2. Confronts systemic restrictions in the market; at the same time, contributes to the attainment of pro-poor development in financial zone.

3. Creates with regulators in Tanzania to improve financial structured systems.

4. Generates feasible improvements to aid the underserved by enact better access to financial strategies.

5. Is dedicated to create financial markets favoring the poor.

6. Provides rural and urban individuals and households better and better available financial services to satisfy their needs.

Specific theme areas covered by the financial assistance of FSDT

• Agricultural & Rural Finance

The economy of Tanzania is largely agricultural. For Agriculture Finance, FSDT adopts theme interventions designed to penetrate the contribution and developments of the financial sector and farmer welfare improvement. It considers transactions between agriculture sectors and its usage; also the depth of using financial products and services; as well as resultant contribution in the improvement of productivity.

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FSDT adopts a market development approach toward addressing systemic constraints in the market and to contribute toward achieving pro-poor growth in the financial sector


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