How to build a successful IT career

How to build a successful IT career

Information Technology (IT) is a pivotal element in each of our daily lives. IT has deeply affected many lives around the world for generations, from the first vacuum tubes, transistors and magnetic tapes to the latest advances in automated robotics, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

IT has important implications for many fields and aspects of our postmodern society, such as scientific inquiries, business relationships, school curriculums, healthcare provisions and governmental policies. Due to its rapid progress and its pervasive applications, IT has become a very competitive, very complex industry. Those seeking to be IT specialists and to reach higher positions within this field must have excellent professional skills, a well-managed LinkedIn profile, an impressive portfolio, and an attention-grabbing resume. And information technology resume writing service can greatly increase your chance of landing the IT position that you desire.

This article will go in-depth into what IT resume writing services can provide to you in your quest to excel in this industry. Additionally, it will cover the numerous advantages that you will gain by working with a resume writing service as opposed to doing an IT job search without any assistance.

How to build a successful IT career

Why Enter the IT Industry?

Information Technology is a fascinating industry that has a long way to go in terms of advancements and discoveries. Here are a few of the top reasons for you to consider a career in IT:

• Increasing Demand for IT-Professionals

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, not a steady one. The supply of IT professionals cannot catch up to present and future demand. There will be plenty of vacancies for positions such as Information Security Specialist, Senior Web Developer, IT Research & Development (R&D) Specialist and other IT specialties.

• Fast-Paced Career Progression

Hard-working, resourceful and committed IT specialists can find themselves quickly rising through the ranks in this field.

• Solve Real-World Problems with IT Solutions

IT has changed many lives, but there is still a lot more work for this field. You can play a role in how IT shapes all of our lives in the future by entering the field.

IT Resume Writing Services

The majority of IT resume writing services around will edit and create high-quality versions of the following documents:

• IT-Tailored Resume

• Adaptive Cover Letter

• Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• IT-focused LinkedIn Profile

When you work with an IT resume writing service, you will interact with a specialized IT writer with technical expertise in one or more areas of the IT field. The specialist selected for the work that you request will be well-versed in the position and field that you are applying to. Most IT resume writing services are in heated competition with each other to provide their clients with the highest quality services at reasonable rates. Beyond resume writing, these services typically provide their writing and IT expertise to other career-related documents and resources, such as IT-specific cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and CVs.

Positions that IT Resume Writers Can Secure for You

There are many IT positions that these resume writing services can get you to the shortlist for. A sample of these positions include:

• IT Business Analyst

• Software Developer

• Computer Programmer

• IT Support Technician

• Software Engineer

• IT Project Manager

• IT Security Manager

How to build a successful IT career

Beating ATS with IT Resume Writing Services

The majority of companies today use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scanners that are designed to automatically screen the resumes of applicants. Many applicants fail to even reach the job interview stage because their resumes are screened out by these ATS scanners. It is often the case that a given applicant is qualified, but the applicant’s resume is missing crucial details that would help it pass these ATS scans.

IT resumes should stay in line with standard resume formats, with technical skills at the forefront to highlight your technical proficiency and readiness for the position that you applied for.

Some examples of technical (hard) skills that you should include on your resume are:

• JavaScript


• Web Development

• Linux

• Diagnosis and IT Troubleshooting

• Technical Support

• Software Development

• App Development

IT Resume Writing Process Basics

Let’s say that you wanted to work with an Information Technology resume writing service. Here’s an example of what would happen when working with such a service:

1. One-on-one discussion with an IT resume writing expert

You would be assigned to an expert IT resume writer from a company’s team of resume writers. After reaching out to you at a convenient time, you will discuss your career plans and past employment/accomplishments to give the resume writer a clear idea of what your next IT resume needs.

2. Review your new IT resume

After several business days, your assigned resume writer will send you an IT resume tailored to your strengths and to the position you are applying for. You carefully check the resume to ensure that every detail matches what you wanted. If there is something that needs the resume writer’s attention, then you inform the writer so that these changes can be made as efficiently as possible.

3. Accept the finalized IT resume

Once the resume meets the satisfaction of both your resume writer and yourself, the resume writer will finalize the document. This final resume will be made available for a set period on the company’s cloud platform in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

IT Resume Writing Services Premium Features

IT resume writing services often come in tiers, with more features and perks available the higher the tier that you pay for.

Here is an example of all of the services that a top-tier IT resume writing package might contain:

• ATS-optimized, high-quality IT resume that is also available in Word and PDF formats.

• Editable Cover Letter

• SEO-Optimized LinkedIn Profile

• Reference Letter

• IT Professional Recruiter Distribution

• Personalized Conversations and Unlimited Email Communications

• IT-Focused Career Biography

• Considerate “Thank You” Letter

• Multiple Revision Rounds

• Three to Five Business Day Delivery Guarantee

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How to build a successful IT career
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