How Updating Your Old Content Will Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

Are you willing to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines? Well, one strategy that would work in escalating those rankings without much effort is producing and writing more content. But doesn’t it seem complicated and time-consuming to you? Instead of writing the entire content, again and again, you can update your old content, which actually delivers faster results. The original content loses its credibility as time passes and hence becomes less fresh. It is one of the most important aspects that Google considers while determining the quality of the sites. Give yourself an improved freshness score by updating the old content, which will result in increasing the search engine traffic and boosting the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Go through this blog to understand how updated content plays a significant role in improving search engine traffic. In case you require any kind of help regarding the content of your website, you can avail it from professional content writing services just by contacting them.

Enhance your click-through rate: When you search for something on Google, one thing that you would notice is that the top results are generally published recently. The main logic behind this is that the information which was accurate a few days back may be entirely different now, which is why we are more likely to click on the articles or blogs that are published recently. Wouldn’t you like to get the latest information rather than something that was posted a few years back? Of course, you will. Hence, when you update your content, it looks more appealing and therefore increases your click-through rate. Writing an eye-catching description and compelling headline can also help you maintain a strong position in SERP.

Correct grammar and spelling mistakes, if any: Imagine you are going through an old article you posted months or even years ago and suddenly noticed an off-putting mistake! Would you ignore that? You shouldn’t actually! Prefer spending a little time to correct those errors. When you have poor grammar and incorrect spellings in your post, it will definitely pose a negative impact on the user experience.

Improve the accuracy of your content: The prime focus of every update is to improve the user experience. So, you should aim at making your content more helpful and usable for the visitors by providing new and accurate information regularly. One should always mention that they have updated this new content as it will indicate that you have visited the article in order to improve its content.

Enhance the freshness of your site: It is a truth that the sites which are fresh rank better as compared to the older ones. Google pays more attention and prioritizes the sites that update their content on a regular basis. So if Google finds that you do not update your website frequently, it may affect the ranking of all the pages available on your site. To avoid this situation, you must go for a few updates which will demonstrate to Google that your website is valid.

Remove broken links: Finding broken links is one of the most annoying things of old content. At times, the useful resources you linked in the content are not found, and the website gets shut down. It definitely impacts your ranking in a wrong way and lowers your position on the search engine results page. Fixing these is quite necessary, and one can use ‘Broken Link Checker’ to find broken links.

Use multimedia for better rankings: To improve the search rankings on Google, one can add different types of media. Including images, audio, and video in your content gives it a whole new level of charm and gets preferential treatment from Google. It would be an excellent decision to include an image after every 350 words. This acts as an easy way to make your content more appealing without putting much effort. When you pay attention to new kinds of media, your content gets more engaging, and hence, you will notice improvements on search engine results page.

New links to better resources: While improving the old content, one can also add new links to add a lot of new value. When you do this, it makes your article look more valuable to search engines as outbound links are an essential ranking factor. Including updated resources and well-researched content is the perfect way to boost traffic without spending days creating new content.

Promote the updated content: You should promote the content in a way that it is brand new. Make sure that you do have a lot of share buttons on the page as it will help you accelerate the reach of your article. After fixing this, you should share and promote your content as much as you can through emails, social media, etc.

Updating your content is the best way to boost traffic to your website, and plays a significant role in improving your rankings. Once you updated the content, make sure that it meets all the latest needs of Google’s algorithm updates. You should enhance all the older pieces you completely forgot about by using the points provided above. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a digital marketing company to seek assistance from the best content writers, who will help you improve your site’s position by providing relevant content. 

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