Best games streaming sites of 2019

Here are top 3 game streaming sites


Twitch can be used for free and is compatible with most popular video streaming services. There are video playlists and useful navigation functionality, such as tags and collections. The site lets you chat with other users, subscribe to their channels, and stay updated through product announcements.

Youtube Gaming

Being a part of YouTube, it gives you a good opportunity to bring all your video content together in one place. The chat is well integrated in streams, and the platform lets you stream games and add Let’s Plays in 4K at 60 FPS.


Mixer is not only a streaming platform, but also a diverse community with its own paid virtual currency called Embers (equivalent to Twitch’s Bits) that can be used to buy premium skills: animated stickers, full-screen effects, and the opportunity to customize your messages in chat and donate to your favorite streamers.


DLive claims to take no cut of the revenue that comes from the streamers through subscriptions or digital donations and promises that it never will. The platform says it gives 90.1% of all subscription and gift revenue directly to the creators. The other 9.9% is gathered in a pool that rewards the most active members of the DLive community on a daily basis. To give you an idea of just how impressive that is, it is enough to say that Twitch keeps 50% of channel subscription revenue.

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