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iOS App Development Services: Trends You Must Watch Out For in 2020

iOS App Development Services: Trends You Must Watch Out For in 2020

Alex Beck 1358 10-Nov-2019

App development is decidedly a lucrative endeavor, thanks to the enormous pace at which mobile devices are penetrating new markets and becoming an integral part of our daily lives. It means there's ample opportunity for companies to leverage the immense potential offered by the market for the further development of their businesses. Companies see and understand this opportunity, which is why more and more entities are looking at developing iOS mobile apps for business. But just knowing there's an opportunity isn't nearly enough, and hence to tap into the true potential, it is equally important to stay tuned into the latest developments in the world of iOS.

And iOS, at any given point of time, has much to offer, thanks to the rapid pace at which it continues to evolve. Now that iOS 13 is here; there's even more to look forward to. It is because, with this iteration of its OS, Apple has finally assigned an original OS for iPads, i.e. iPadOS. As a result, iOS is now just about iPhones, thus giving away the technology behemoth's plan to help gives its devices a definite edge as compared to Android devices in the market. So, without further ado, let's take a quick look at the trends that you must not in 2020.

1. Internet of Things: Internet of Things has long proved its mettle in the industrial part of the world, allowing companies operating in this space to embrace high levels of automation and efficiently fulfill the evolving requirements of their businesses. Given how potent it is, IoT will soon make its way into iOS app development, allowing programmers to integrate more and more features that are incredibly user-friendly.

2. Instant apps: Instant Apps as Google admittedly popularised a concept, and iOS is now also steadily embracing it. It is because such apps allow users to use and engage with the app without downloading the entire thing on their device. It is a significant benefit that Apple will now seek to utilize to the fullest possible extent.

3. Augmented reality: Though augmented reality has been around for a while, it took off after Pokemon Go was launched. Since then, companies from a variety of industries have integrated it within their businesses. And as iOS mobile apps begin to embrace it as well, expect substantially more engaging more experiences for customers, thanks to features like motion capture, collaborative sessions, and more.

4. Enhanced file management: Apple recently brought in a highly advanced version of its Files app, allowing iPhone users to make use of improved features such as local storage, column view, and basic search, among other things. And, given this new avatar of the Files app, we are convinced that the company will seek to enhance it further and offer more provisions for data management.

Developing iOS mobile apps for business is, undeniably, an excellent idea. Just make sure that you know of all the latest changes and developments and have a trusted developer to aid your efforts.

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