Quality Natural Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone Ring

Quality Natural Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone Ring

Appropriate to all Womens having ring sizes between 9 to 15. 100% Fulfillment Ensured if not you can return it.CERTIFIED GEMSTONE - Confirmed from presumed research center. The photograph gives a decent portrayal of the Gemstone yet doesn't speak to the real size and color.ASTROLOGICAL RING - open from back and stone contacts the finger. It is conceivable to increase budgetary solidness by wearing Blue sapphire. Blue sapphire is known to build odds of benefit in business and fare import arrangements and it is accepted that it helps the measure of benefit as well. Alongside an item we will give you endorsement of an item also.

Blue Sapphire Stone Silver Adjustable Ring For Ladies By AKSHAY Diamonds. This ring is reasonable for Men having ring sizes between 9 to 15 according to Indian ring size gauges. Size of this ring is effectively Movable by hand.Gemstone is left open from the rear for beams to go through and arrive at finger appropriately. Top notch making in our own best in class fabricating unit gives this ring a wonderful look. Gemstone guaranteed by a Very much presumed laboratory.Sterling silver is 92.5 %. 


  • Neelam Stone is a profoundly defensive gemstone. It helps in assurance from adversaries, hostile stare, hexing, desire and so on.  
  • Lab Confirmed and Common Earth Mined Best Quality Certifiable Gemstone  
  • Neelam Stone is an exceptionally defensive gemstone. It helps in assurance from adversaries, stink eye, hexing, envy and so forth  

Advantages: It expels all antagonism from life..and fabricated Certainty. It is said to give mental Dependability, Peacefulness, Profound Illumination, secures against peril of any structure, Riches, Great Name, long life, thriving and great kids. On the off chance that it suits you, at that point it can bring significant difference in fortunes and karma. Suggested for Shrewdness impacts of Planet Saturn.  

Blue Sapphire/Neelam is assume to have incredible beneficial outcomes on Specialists, Specialists, Mechanical Designers, Researchers, Soothsayers, Essayists, Troopers, Archeologists, Government officials, Legal counselors, Businesspeople, Artists, Entertainers, and individuals identified with Excitement Industry. 

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