Dealing With A Leaky Roof

Dealing With A Leaky Roof

Summary: Leaky roof is not only a frustrating problem but a health hazard too. Know how you can deal with leaky roofs easily.

Nothing is more frustrating for a homeowner than to find a leaky roof. There are several reasons for a leaky roof, and to do deal with it, you need to know the root cause of the problem. Most people ignore the leaky roof because they do not think of it as an immediate threat; however, the leaky roof has several indications, such as: 

• Brown stains

• Sagging ceilings

• Peeling paint

• Mold

• Water stains

• Wet Spots

• Damp odors

• Standing water

Usually, water seeps through the ceiling because of missing or damaged shingles, skylights, vents, or if the flashing is poorly secured or missing at some spots. If such problems occur, you must hire professional roofs to fix leaky roof Kennesaw.

Difference Between a Roof Leak and Condensation

You can easily tell the difference between a leaky roof and condensation by the size and location of the stain on the ceiling.

Condensation usually results in several small stains rather than just one large stain on the ceiling. Unlike leaks, the condensation occurs close to the exterior of the walls of the home. Usually, they occur without heavy rains or storms. The stains created by the condensation are usually dark with a white center. If such spots are there on the ceiling, then you are dealing with the mold caused due to condensation.

When it is a leaky roof, then the stain can occur anywhere on the ceiling including the exterior of the wall. In the case of stains made by water, leaks are darkest at the center and lighter towards the end. The darker the stain, the longer the leakage has been. If such stains are visible on the roof, don’t wait and contact the professional roofers to fix leaky roof Kennesaw immediately to avoid further damage.

What Causes My Ceiling to Sag?

When the leak in the roof is severe, allowing rainwater in, it can result in sagging of the ceiling which is caused by the buildup of the water in the ceiling materials.

Sagging roofs are very dangerous as they can collapse easily. When the water accumulates in the inner layers of the roof, it compromises their integrity. This is why it is important to find the source of leakage and also provide a safe passage for the water to drain.

Dealing with Mold

A pretty good indication of a leaky roof is the mold. During a routine roof inspection, a roofer will inspect the vents and chimney first because they are the spots where mold will start. A common reason for mold growth is the leaky flashing. This kind of leakage is much easier to locate and fix than a leak in shingles and tiles.

Mold can be a serious health hazard and needs immediate action on your part. If you see black growth on the roof or near vents or chimney, call in a roof repair expert as soon as possible to inspect the issue. A timely fix will contain any further damage.

Fixing a leaky roof is easy when you know the exact cause. Professional roofers in Atlanta are best for this job.

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