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Aadhaar fraud: How to prevent it - Alankit Limited

Aadhaar fraud: How to prevent it - Alankit Limited

Shreya Dixit668 06-Nov-2019

The government introduced the Aadhar card to make the lives of citizens easier. It is a solo identification card that is used in almost every official sphere. But, this makes it prone to many dangerous activities like frauds.

Aadhar card frauds have become frequent headlines in newspapers. The rate of such scams has increased exponentially over the years. When Alankit fraud became a topic of discussion, the company started to explore the various frauds that harm ordinary citizens. The fake news of the fraud made the company more cautious of its surroundings. The company minutely analysed if it had any flaws and did not pay heed to the false rumours. Alankit LTD believes in honesty and customer satisfaction, and that is what it relentlessly works for. 

Given below are some points summarised by Alankit LTD to guard yourselves against Aadhar card frauds:

Securing Aadhar Card details:

A lot of services require you to submit your personal information. Services like bank account loans and mutual funds require your Aadhar card details. You need to check whether legitimate sources are offering the services or not. Be careful about sharing your information. Submit the details only if it is necessary; otherwise, do not. Some sources might illegally save your data and use it for unethical activities. 

One Time Passwords:

Aadhar services require to link your mobile number with your Aadhar card number. Due to this, they will also need a one time password from your phone. Be sure, never to share this OTP with anyone. If you ever receive any such number for something you do not remember availing, contact the respective authority immediately. 

Locking of Biometric details:

Aadhar card is unique for every Indian citizen. It stores your biometric information like a fingerprint. Another way to prevent fraud is by locking your biometric data. You can do this using the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). All you need to do is log on to the site and click on the lock/unlock biometric link. You will receive an OTP that you need to enter to perform this task. It will be required every time you use your biometric.

Be active and aware:

Check your authentication history at least once a month. You can track it on the official Unique Identification Authority of India website. Contact the authority as soon as you sense a malicious activity.

Do not be careless:

We often tend to misplace our belongings in the heat of the moment or complicated situations. Be extra careful and keep your Aadhar card safe. In case you lose your card, file an FIR at the police station as soon as possible.

The news of the Alankit fraud is one of the prime examples of someone innocent getting involved in malicious, illegal activities without their knowledge. The company has become more careful about its work and is working towards improving its services while ignoring fake comments. To protect yourself from such situations, secure your belongings. 

Updated 16-Nov-2019
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