Shall I go for a calculator emulator? How do I learn how to use it?

Shall I go for a calculator emulator? How do I learn how to use it?

For many of us, graphing calculators were only really a “thing” during those years of high school when we were forced to use a calculator for whatever math class we were taking. It really felt like we were getting old when every student pulled out their bulky little devices on the first day of high school to see whose mother threw down for the fancy models.

Emulating a graphing calculator on a computer

If you do not have the cash for a graphing calculator, or you just would like to play around with a graphing calculator for nostalgia’s sake, there are plenty of different tools and software you can utilise to emulate their capabilities on other devices and platforms.

Emulating a graphing calculator on a tablet or smartphone

I suppose it makes sense to install a graphing calculator emulator on a smartphone or tablet. Why carry multiple devices if you don’t need to?

There are several options for both Android and for iOS in case you would like to try emulating a graphing calculator. Software for computers is also available.

How can I learn to use a calculator emulator?

Using a calculator emulator is relatively easy and pretty much the same as using the physical device. However, you can find thorough documentation on how to use them online, as well as courses and training in order to make the most out of them. These training programs include digital courses, online classrooms and an emulator that allows for calculators to be presented on a screen and projected digitally.

These emulator programs are designed to maximise the benefits users get from a calculator, whether they are utilised in school, university or the professions of engineering, math, science, medicine, surveying, real estate or finance.

The calculator emulator training and online courses are free to the public. There are several virtual classes and emulators that are available for free to educators in schools, higher education institutions and businesses.

Qualified educators have also at their disposal a wide range of emulator software for most calculator models. This kind of software transforms a computer into a fully working calculator, giving both students and teachers access to a mouse-controlled, on-screen replica of a totally functional calculator.

Using the typical calculator emulator

Using a calculator emulator software is quite simple. The educator connects a computer loaded with the emulating software to a projector and this will provide instant access to an emulator. Very similar to a real calculator device, the projection screen shows a large demonstration of each keystroke needed to solve complex engineering operations, as well as computer science and math problems.

Instead of peering over shoulders and keep looking at a physical device, students in schools can sit in lectures observing with ease the step-by-step instructions the teacher is demonstrating.

The calculator emulator software will actually require the use of a computer with a CD reader as well as Internet access for the activation process. 

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