What is the Process of NSR Registration Online

What is the Process of NSR Registration Online

NSR or the National Skills Registry is a division of the NASSCOM that is the head authority of the Information Technology Department in India. This includes the IT, BPO and KPO.

NSR is a database that is stored online and can be used by member companies and registered candidates.

For this one has to do NSR registration as an IT job seeker. Both fresher and experienced candidates can do the registration.

Objective of NSR

The main objective of NSR is to bring a common platform for job seekers and employers in the field of IT and BPO. One can get a job in a reputed MNC and the company can utilise the skills of the candidates to outsource international projects.

It was first proposed by NASSCOM so that talented IT professionals and fresh candidates can find a suitable job and the IT department progresses. It is a completely authentic way to recruit candidates and help them find jobs in the best companies across the nation. This way the right talent can reach the right company, thereby helping to maintain the standard of the Indian IT sector.

Details Stored In NSR

The details in the NSR are stored in the form of sheets. The sheets comprise of the candidate details who have registered with NSR. It gives valuable information on the registered user’s education, qualification, experience level, photographs, extracurricular activities and other necessary data regarding the job seeker. Employers who are interested in a candidate can go through the data verify the information provided. But only a member company can access information. The entire data of the candidates remain absolutely confidential otherwise.

NSR Registration Process

NSR registration process is very systematic and can be easily done if one follows the step by step guidance.

At first, one has to visit the https://nationalskillsregistry.com site which is the official website. Here one has to click on the ‘register for NSR’ button to initiate the process of NSR registration online.

Here, make sure that you accept the terms and conditions to proceed further.

Candidate has to mention the details of the company that he or she wishes to join.

Every credential that a candidate mentions must be accurate and as per the original data of the candidate’s education, experience and so on. Any error in the form will straightaway cancel your registration.

Make a note of the password created so that users can access the profile later.

There is a registration fee that has to be made to get the process completed. This payment can be made using netbanking system and debit card.

Print a copy of the acknowledgement form and attest your photograph with signature.

The next step is to go for the biometric registration. This is very important as NSR is very particular about the safety and originality of every user., this biometric registration will be done from a point-of-service center. A candidate must visit the nearest POS along with ID proof, acknowledgement form, employer’s ID card (if already generated) and the registration fee (if not yet made online).

A candidate who is a registered user of NSR also needs to maintain the profile with an annual fee of Rs. 100 plus tax applicable.

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