A Guide for Student Planning to Study in London

A Guide for Student Planning to Study in London

Going as a Student in London

It’s the first step to get an acceptance letter from any London University. Following admission, you need to take further steps to enter the UK as a student legally. For that purpose, student moving services in London are approached to cater to the students to move to a new environment. A valid passport is required and other mandatory material needed that are outlined ahead. However, the experience and exposure awaiting for you are far worthy than the efforts required. The epicenter of tourism and studies will welcome you incredibly as a student. A diverse and culturally rich place to live as a student. It’s significant to understand everything before going to London.

A Student Visa

If you’re a non-EU then, attending a university will require a student visa, commonly known as Tier 4. Make sure, you’re applying in the Full-Time program, a part-time program will tend to reject your visa application. You will be awarded Visa on point based system – 40 points are required that are completed through two sources:

Confirmation of Course – UK immigration and Visa (UKIV) approved universities can only give you a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). It’s worth 30 points in the visa process. In case, the student is sponsored from abroad, the university needs to apply for High Trusted Status (HTS) or any A ranked college according to the UK government. Rest universities will be not be approved for visa application as the point system will not be fulfilled. Make sure your university has HTS and can provide you CAS before applying.

Income evidence – It’s important to learn that your documentation for tuition expenses and living costs is affordable by your guardian. Normally tuition fees cost from $15,000 to $50,000 averagely each year. Moreover, as proof of baring living cost you need to show $1700 each month to cover.

If these two requirements are fulfilled, you can submit the Visa application. Your photographs and fingerprint will be taken at any step in the application center. EU’s National Health Service (NHS) is also paid. The cost is $200 for student application and can be paid once the application is submitted.

Part-time job while studying in school

In the US, a student can work for many hours but the UK has restrictions on student work. An international student in the UK can only work up to 20 hours per week legally. However, in holidays student can work full-time, but it’s the only exception. Your university should be listed in recognized bodies for the sponsorship of working you as a full-time employer.

Living Cost for Student in London

You’ve to prove while applying for the Student Visa for financial support and establish a budget.

Rent a Flat in London

Normally student moving services in London are consulted before landing in. They ask the budget for living expenses and find out any room or flat according to that. Normally $65 to $100 a week is the cost of the rent. Averagely the cost of living in London is $1500 per month. It may vary with the cities and sometimes you may also get a room partner to bare the rent equally, easing your monthly expense.

Other Expenses

Such expenses include your commutation cost between home to university or workplace. This expense is also to be considered. Moreover, entertainment, food, and mobile phone plan are also included in other expenses that may vary with usage.

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