Sewer Repair: Things to know in terms of Insurance Cover

Sewers are often the hidden but important part of your house. Your comfort zone may get disturbed if your sewer system is not good. But the fact is that we often do not pay any heed to install and maintain it properly. As such, we often do not check the insurance facts of the sewer problems, repairs or even sewer backups. But it is worthy, to check the insurance policy before making any firm decision so that you can get the maximum benefit from the insurance you are paying regularly. 

Sewer Repairs Covered?

You should know, insurance companies are clever! Insurance costs for sewer repair can be high sometimes and it happens several times in the life cycle of a house. Many insurance companies have a policy against providing costs for sewer repairs. But the good news is that there are some exceptions too!

Insurance companies believe that sewer repair may be needed as the pipes will face natural wear and tear. So, they often keep clauses not to reimburse repairing cost. But in some insurance policies, there are some clauses that denote under the following circumstances you may get a reimbursement-

• An explosion in or out of the sewer

• Public Protest/Riots etc.

• Falling trees on sewer lines etc.

What about Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters are quite often nowadays and you should know your policy regarding this issue. Some insurance policies cover natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, etc. on which you can get reimbursement, but some are not. So, before making an investment on the sewer system, you should check the insurance policies related to natural disasters.

Poor Workmanship?

Workmanship is important while deciding the insurance cover. Some insurance covers sewer repairs caused by poor workmanship. You should choose wisely!

What if City Sewer Get Damaged?

It is not always obvious that the sewer backups are happening because of the problem in your sewer system. The problem can be in a sewer system of the city. In that case, if your insurance covers the repair cost, that is okay! But if it is not covered in your insurance policy, you can ask the city administration to reimburse or repair the problematic sewer.

What Else Should be Covered in Sewer Insurance?

In addition, you should check your insurance covers the following topics in details so that you can take the better decision:

1. Excavation costs would be reimbursed if excavation needed?

2. Up to which location and which parts are covered under insurance?

3. Reimbursement covered if the pipeline needs to be replaced?

4. Damaged seals or valves are covered?

5. Backfilling cost(if required) would be reimbursed?

6. What if the sewer gets blocked?

If you face sewer problems you should repair it as soon as possible. This is because, sewer problems not only create discomforts, it also creates a filthy environment that can be very dangerous for your family health, especially if you have children.

Not having sewer insurance may increase the sewer repair/replacing cost 10 to 100 times higher. So, it is the high time, you pay attention to the sewer system of your sweet home.

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