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A Guide to The Best Nigerian Designers

A Guide to The Best Nigerian Designers

Zia974 23-Oct-2019

Many country’s possess workers who are skilled in a particular occupation. Such a country begins providing incentives to these workers so they can develop an industry on which their economy may be able to rely on. The countries can further develop these particular industries so that they produce more, and can gain comparative advantage in the global market. Similarly, Nigeria has been able to discover progressive prospects in the production of ethnic wear for women and has begun overtaking the African fashion market. Here are a few Nigerian designers who are taking over the industry by storm!

1. Folake Folarin-Coker:

Founder of famous Nigerian powerhouse; ‘Tiffany Amber’, the designer started with her journey in the fashion industry in 1998. Having studied in Europe, she managed to gain inspiration from various cultures, all over the globe. Even though she is a petroleum engineer by qualification, her love for fashion and designing compelled her to pursue designing as a profession. Her colorful and unique designs of ethnic wear for women have been showcased at various platforms; even at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week, that too for two years in a row. Her dedication and contribution towards the industry has also earned her an Enterprise Award at The WIE (Women, Inspiration and Enterprise)

2. Lisa Folawiyo:

Lisa, is a self-made African designer, who is renowned for her fusion of colors and designs which she uses, to create ethnic wear for women. Founder of the brand, ‘Jewel by Lisa’, the designer has progressed significantly in the industry since 2005. Lisa, uses Ankara, an African ethnic fabric, to create lavish and luxurious dresses. The designer’s work has been showcased all over Europe and Africa and has led to her achieving the African Fashion Award in 2012.

3. Lola Faturoti:

This Nigerian-born designer has worked as a designer from brands in New York and Milan. Lola helps in planning and designing ethnic wear for women. Having gained an interest in designing, early on her in her life due to her grandmother’s passion for clothing. The designer was always intrigued by the various designs and traditional dresses available, and thus, decided to pursue fashion designing as a career. Since then, Lola has worked for various famous fashion houses and has gained the international spotlight.

4. Mai Atafo:

The African designer makes ethnic wear for women and men. Also, the founder of his own brand, which is named after him, the designer managed to impress the fashion world with his skills and premium designs. His clients are mainly famous celebrities and reputable citizens, who prefer adding his work to their closet. Having gained recognition for his work, all over the globe, the designer’s clothes are a must add to your wardrobe!

5. Zizi Cardow:

Owner of the fashion brand, ‘Zizi’, the designer is a personality with a sober and special taste in fashion. Well known, for promoting Ankara fashion, she has managed to bring the African fashion industry onto the global platform. Zizi, has earned her expertise by working for major Italian fashion brands, and thus, uses her experience and skills, to create unique fashion designs. After showcasing her designs all over the globe, and earning numerous awards, the designer still hopes to elevate the standing for African fashion, in the global industry!

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